Fethiye Turkey

If every city and every sea were mentioned with a colour, Turquoise would suit Fethiye. Turquoise means blue that plays green and is made of Turkish, from the blue of Turkish tiles. This most beautiful shade of blue came and sat in Oludeniz in Fethiye. In the afternoon, towards sunset, you will catch turquoise in Ölüdeniz, a wonder of nature, that you cannot see in any other sea. The blue pattern is not blue, the green pattern is not green, but both blue and green. It is hard to tell.
Once you arrive in Fethiye and settle into your accommodation, first wander around a bazaar. You will feel yourself from Fethiye anymore when you wander around its well-preserved bazaar, where construction is kept under control, its narrow streets are shaded, its small squares and its cute bazaar. You will forget your alienation, but you will feel like you have been living here for years.
In the evening, the colour and atmosphere of the bazaar changes. It is the time of restaurants and bars. The fish have begun to sizzle on the grill and have a mild anise scent. The heat of the day is also left behind, and the coolness of the evening prevails.
It is not easy to travel around Fethiye in just a few days. It has everything for vacation. History, culture, beaches, water sports, paragliding Turkey’s best area, Turkey’s most impressive historical sites, best coves, cuisine and shopping. There are few places outside of Fethiye where you can spend such a full holiday and enjoy every moment.