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Gocek Turkey

25 December 2020
Posted by: serdar

Gocek Turkey

Gocek; It is a beautiful holiday resort located in the south-west of our country. In Göcek, where you can have a holiday in summer and winter, you can enjoy the sea, the beach, the sun and the shining blue in summer, while you can have a quiet and peaceful holiday in touch with nature in Göcek, which is slower than summer months. Winter months are generally not very harsh, and local people can even swim in the winter months. Its climate is typically Mediterranean and has rich vegetation. In Göcek, you will find yourself in deep blue and every shade of green. Your understanding of your ordinary holiday in Göcek may change a little. A holiday with sea, sand and sun and relaxation, a holiday in Gocek ranges from adventure, exploration and mystery accompanied by boat tours, underwater diving and swimming with historical ruins, having fun and resting while having fun.
Göcek has developed itself in terms of blue cruises and tours in recent years and has become one of the most popular places for blue cruise enthusiasts in our country. The traditional 12 islands tour is one of the most popular and famous activities in Göcek. Besides, bay trips organized for those who want to swim in unique bays attract a lot of attention. Sometimes gulets are departing from Göcek for long blue voyages. These are private chartered gulets that act according to your wishes. You can anchor in Göcek in the morning and anchor in Marmaris in the evening, and of course, any region you want. Blue voyage is a bit more costly than others, and it is a recommended activity if you are on a family vacation. You can spend a few days or even a few weeks on the Blue Cruise.
In Göcek, entertainment equals sea, and holiday equals sea, food equals sea.
As long as you are on holiday in Göcek, you will be advised where you stay, the restaurant you go to, and the seafood extracted from Göcek sea during your boat tours. While you are tasting various and delicious seafood tastes, you will never forget the freshness and Gocek recognition on your palate. They are in Göcek for you to taste dozens of kinds of seafood from the most delicious sea fish to octopus and lobsters. If you wish, you can catch and eat your fish, hunt in the open sea if you have talent. The people on the boat will assist you.
All Roads Gocek; air, land, sea
Gocek is the centre of three types of transportation in terms of transportation. Today, you can reach Göcek either by your vehicle, by bus or by plane, or by sea, with your sailboat or motor yacht. Its six developed marinas and its 20-minute distance to Dalaman airport are the most significant transportation advantages of Göcek.
Keep in touch with your home, friends, business and the world.
With the advanced infrastructure and technological features of Göcek, you can comfortably have a holiday without interrupting your communication wherever you come from in the world. Mainly all GSM operators actively operating in Göcek and its coasts, internet cafes you can find in the region and wireless (wireless internet) provided by almost all marinas, hotels and restaurants free of charge, you can spend your holiday without breaking your loved ones and your business.

Hamam Bay
It is a bay where you can enjoy swimming together with historical ruins. Hamam is a bay preferred by yachts to spend the night. You are tasked with the ruins of the old Byzantine Monastery located near the pier. Some of these remains have been submerged, and this area of the sea is obvious. You can swim among these ruins. Here you can reach the ancient city of LYDAE by walking in the forest along the coast. The bath is also known as the dark Cleopatra’s Bath.

Bedri Rahmi (Taşyaka) Bay
Located on Tersane Island, this bay was visited by Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu and his friends in 1970 and was very much appreciated. After Bedri Rahmi Eyüpoğlu, who left this admiration by painting a fish on a rock, people who visited here and local people started to call this bay known as Taşyaka Bedri Rahmi Bay.
Sarsala Bay
Part of this vast bay is a pebbly beach, and the other side is covered with trees that extend to the sea. It is a well-known and visited bay. With its sheltered structure, many yachts prefer Sarsala Bay.

Municipal Marina
It is a marina operated by Göcek Municipality. Located in the city centre and consisting of two piers, this marina has a berth capacity of 150. It mainly provides services for needs such as electricity, clean water, garbage collection, telephone and fax.
Göcek Municipality Marina, Göcek 48310 Fethiye / Muğla
Tel: 0.252.645 1938
Fax: 0.252.645 1936
VHF Channel: 13
Call Signal: Göcek Marina

Port Gocek
Port Göcek Marina, located in a sheltered area where yachts can safely moor for 12 months, has a mooring capacity of approximately 350. You can find all port services in Port Göcek Marina.
Port Göcek, P.K. 20 Gocek 48310 Fethiye / Mugla
Tel: 0.252.645 1520
Fax: 0.252.645 1897
VHF Channel: 73
Call Signal: Port Göcek

Skopea Marina
Skopea Marina is another marina in the city centre. This marina, which has an 85 mooring capacity, has a pool, bar and restaurant, and regular marina services.
Skope Marina, Gocek 48310 Fethiye / Mugla
Tel: 0.252.645 1794
Fax: 0.252.645 1793
VHF Channel: 72
Call Signal: Skopea Marina

Marin Turk
It consists of Gocek Village Port and Gocek Exclusive marinas within Marin Türk, which is 5 minutes away from Göcek city centre. You can find all kinds of marina services in these marinas.
Marinturk Göcek Village Port Büngüş Bay Göcek 48310 Fethiye – Muğla
Tel: 0.252.645 2229
Fax: 0.252.645 1578
VHF Channel: 73
Call Signal: Marinturk

Club Marina
Located in Büngüş Bay, Club Marina has 190 yachts and is 4 km from the city centre. The regular marina services include a gym, Turkish bath, sauna, boutique, and private villas.
Club Marina, Gocek 48310 Fethiye / Mugla
Tel: 0.252.645 1800
Fax: 0.252.645 1804
VHF Channel: 72
Call Signal: Club Marina Tango Alfa Lima 72