Marmaris Turkey

Marmaris Turkey

25 December 2020
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Marmaris Turkey

Muğla’s coastline is 1124 km. Muğla coasts, where there are countless bays, are frequented by many sea lovers.
Yacht tourism is one of the essential elements that make Marmaris attractive. Marmaris has a coastline where you will live with unforgettable memories of the Blue Cruise, which allows all water sports.

Marmaris-Boat tour

Daily boat tours

You can reach Paradise Island with a 30-minute journey from the district with tour boats departing from the central dock and Uzunyalı.
Paradise Island is a peninsula and covered with forests. It is recommended to come privately to see the little known cave on the island and to swim.
Phosphorus Cave; A stop where tour boats going to Turunç and Kumlubük give a swimming break. It is quite enjoyable to swim in the clean green and turquoise coloured waters of the natural cave that can only be accessed from the sea.
Small boats can also enter the cave.
Turunç and Kumlubük are one of the essential stopover points of daily boat tours. It is about 1 hour away from Marmaris by boat Turunc. It is a bay for those who want to swim and benefit from water sports activities. There are also many restaurants and shopping points on the shore. Kumlubük is just beyond Turunç the long beach is perfect for families with children.
Another place preferred by yachts and daily boats is Çiftlik. It should be reached in 2 hours by sea, or it is possible to go from Bayır Village. It is a place frequented by yachtsmen with its large sandy beach, gazebo restaurants and modest atmosphere. Besides, jeep safari tours are organizing in the village. There is another bay right next to Çiftlik Cove. The sheep’s name, which is always relatively calm, is Geeks for those who want to watch the submarine on the rocky shores, dive and swim on a quiet beach.
The boats that organize daily tours organize tours that include one or more of these bays and settlements. The choice is up to you.

Blue cruise and yacht cruise routes departing from Marmaris:

Marmaris – Fethiye

Those who travel from Marmaris to Ekincik will see Karaağaç Harbor on the left. The harbour and Yılancık Island in front of it are entirely military zone, and entrance is forbidden. Karaağaç Harbor is home to many beautiful bays covered with log trees and pine trees.

Köyceğiz Port: The large port in which Ekincik Harbor and many sheep are located. Semizce, Kargı and Karaçay bays are among the bays were boats like to stay or spend the night on the west side. Ekincik harbour has two anchorages. One is in front of the village, and the other is Maden Pier-My Marina Club. The pier in front of the town belongs to the mukhtar. On the dock, minibus boats are lined up to the Dalyan-Iztuzu beach. In Ekincik there are hotels and pensions, grocery store, buffet, shower-toilet, telephone booths. The beach is hundreds of meters long. You can reach Köyceğiz and Muğla-Fethiye road by asphalt road from the pier.
Located in the harbour’s southeast corner and where the chrome mine was loaded on ships past, Maden Pier is now owned by an enterprise serving yachts. Hidden under the trees, the kitchen of the facility has a well-deserved reputation for its fish.

Delikada: In front of the entrance of Dalyan, opposite the Iztuzu beach, Delikada is the place where the big cruise boats and blue cruise boats are moored from Marmaris. From here, you can enter Iztuzu beach with small minibuses and Dalyan canals from the west of the beach. Boat tours are available to Dalyan, Kaunos and mud baths.
There are scarcely any coves to shelter between Iztuzu and Sarigerme beaches. There is only Vaccine Bay, by the way. Aşı Cove can be reached by 25 km road from Dalyan or Ortaca. Those coming from the sea enter Aşı Bay by passing between two high promontories on the steep rocky beach.
A small island consisting of land and pointed rocks is located at the mouth of the sheep. Bay Vaccine suitable for swimming and shelter. There is a small and clean restaurant on the beach.
After passing Karaburun, the mountains descend and descend to the Dalaman plain. This is Dalaman Bükü. A little further ahead is Baba Island, guarding Dalaman Bükü, and Sarigerme Beach just behind it. Sarigerme is the favourite tourism centre in recent years. This centre attracts attention with its beach that stretches for miles, 5-star hotels and holiday villages.
Boat anchor in a small rocky cove on the northeast side of Baba Island. The sea is sparkling. A cave near the south end pierces the island from one end to the other. There is a ruined tower on the hill.
After the Dalaman Plain’s plain, the coast begins to rise again in the Kapıdağ peninsula, reaches 500 meters, and then this altitude ends at Kurtoğlu Cape. Now Fethiye Bay has been entered, and calm waters have been called. The 8.5-mile gap between Kurtoğlu and Iblis (Dökükbaşı) is the mouth of Fethiye Bay. This bay includes islands, favourite bays of blue cruise boats and yachts.


Among the coves you can take a break after leaving Marmaris are Turunç and Kumlubük beaches and Çiftlik cove. There is detailed information about these bays on the Marmaris pages. The castle between Turunç and Kumlubük