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Yacht charter Marmaris

27 December 2020
Posted by: serdar

Yacht charter Marmaris

Marmaris is a typical small fishing village that has turned into a lovely Yacht Charter holiday resort like so many other beautiful places in the world. But unlike other sites that took centuries to develop, Marmaris experienced a tourist boom in the 80s, and as a result, it changed forever in just a few years. Nowadays most of the income of this place is related to tourism.

Marmaris is located in southwestern Turkey, where the Turkish coast is full of tiny peninsulas and where headlands stretch out into the sea, one of the things that one of the best places for Yacht Charter sailors.

Although Marmaris is in a touristic region, the nearest airport is quite far away, 100 km east of the city, in Dalaman. Means that your Yacht Charter group must also think about the journey to the town. The fastest option is by bus – the journey takes about 1 to 2 hours. The only road on the whole peninsula is the D400, so it’s impossible to miss or get lost in the city. D400 is also the road arriving from Dalaman Airport in case you are renting a car.

You should know that Marmaris’s port offers ferries and hydrofoils to and from Greece to travel by sea. Especially from Rhodes Town on the island of Rhodes, there are many connections, making visiting several islands easier during your Yacht Charter vacation. Of course, you can always go on a trip with your Yacht Charter boat and enjoy sailing on the Mediterranean.

Since Marmaris’s city is ancient, founded around the 6th century BC, it has a long history, but not much has remained today. The most famous attraction is the old castle, which was recently renovated and now houses a museum.

When it comes to shopping, you need to prepare for a real experience unique to this part of the world. Everyone knows that while shopping in Turkey, one has to haggle to get some excellent bargains on clothes as most of the dresses here are imitations. The famous bazaar is the largest shopping area for residents and Yacht Charter visitors alike.

Marmaris’s dining experience is divided into several categories depending on your pocket, time, and willingness to try something new. From snacks on the street to exclusive restaurants, Marmaris offers every Yacht Charter sailor something from the eastern cuisine. Of course, for those who prefer Western cuisine, there are places to eat in the shopping malls that mostly serve international dishes.

All the fun you can have in Yacht Charter Marmaris during the day extends into the night. It is safe to say that you can never be bored here after sunset. Then take your Yacht Charter friends to bar in the old town, where you will discover numerous clubs and bars, as well as large open-air eateries that throw huge parties every weekend.