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Are you looking Turkish gulet boat for rent?

Gulet.world gathered information about more than two hundred Turkish gulets and charter prices. You will find the best Turkish gulets for gulet holidays and destinations here! We offer the best price gulet rental in Turkey, Croatia per week. Our fleet is here

Are you looking Turkish gulet boat for sale?

Our work to find your dream, traditional luxury Turkish gulet boat. You can get the best luxury or traditional Turkish gulets prices from us. You can contact us by WhatsApp, to get the price of gulet boat for sale from sales experts.


Traditional Turkish Gulet For Sale & Turkish Gulets Prices

Turkish Gulets For Sale

gulet for sale

Gulet Boat For Sale

Price: 300.000 Eur

length: 24 mt.

Cabin: 8

Build Year: 1991

Port: Turkey

Flag: Turkish

Ref No: gfs-01

Turkish Gulets For Sale

gulet for sale

Gulet Boat For Sale

Price: 150.000 Eur

length: 20 m

Cabin: 5

Build Year: 1990

Port: Turkey

Flag: Turkish

Ref No: gfs-002

Turkish Gulets For Sale

turkish gulet boat for sale

Gulet Boat For Sale

Price: 380.000 Eur

length: 26 mt

Cabin: 6

Build Year: 1994

Port: Turkey

Flag: Turkish

Ref No: gfs-003

Turkish Gulets For Sale

gulet boat for sale

Gulet Boat For Sale

Price: 120.000 Eur

legnth: 15 mt.

Cabin: 3

Build Year: 1998

Port: Turkey

Flag: Turkish

Ref No: gfs-004

Turkish Gulets For Sale

gulet for sale

Gulet Boat For Sale

Price: 110.000 Eur

length: 17 mt.

Cabin: 5

Build Year: 1990

Port: Turkey

Flag: Turkish

Ref No: gfs-005

Turkish Gulets For Sale

gulet for sale

Gulet Boat For Sale

Price: 350.000 Eur

length: 22 m

Cabin: 5

Build Year: 1996

Port: Turkey

Flag: Turkish

Ref No: gfs-006

Turkish Gulets For Sale

turkish gulet holidays

Gulet Boat For Sale

Price: 880.000 Eur

length: 27 mt

Cabin: 6

Build Year: 2002

Port: Turkey

Flag: Turkish

Ref No: gfs-007

Turkish Gulets For Sale

gulet for sale

Gulet Boat For Sale

Price: 750.000 Eur

legnth: 30 mt.

Cabin: 8

Build Year: 2012

Port: Turkey

Flag: Turkish

Ref No: gfs-008

Turkish Gulets For Sale

gulet for sale

Gulet Boat For Sale

Price: 600.000 Eur

length: 27 mt.

Cabin: 6

Build Year: 2021

Port: Turkey

Flag: Turkish

Ref No: gfs-009

Turkish Gulets For Sale

turkish gulet holidays

Gulet Boat For Sale

Price: 150.000 Eur

length: 18 m

Cabin: 2

Build Year: 2016

Port: Turkey

Flag: Turkish

Ref No: gfs-0010

Turkish Gulets For Sale

gulet for sale

Gulet Boat For Sale

Price: 165.000 Eur

length: 18 mt

Cabin: 4

Build Year: 2002

Port: Turkey

Flag: Turkish

Ref No: gfs-0011

Turkish Gulets For Sale

gulet for sale

Gulet Boat For Sale

Price: 470.000 Eur

legnth: 24 mt.

Cabin: 4

Build Year: 1990

Port: Turkey

Flag: Turkish

Ref No: gfs-0012

Turkish Gulets For Sale

gulet for sale

Gulet Boat For Sale

Price: 650.000 Eur

length: 25 mt.

Cabin: 4

Build Year: 2018

Port: Turkey

Flag: Turkish

Ref No: gfs-0013

Turkish Gulets For Sale

gulet for sale

Gulet Boat For Sale

Price: 300.000 Eur

length: 27 m

Cabin: 6

Build Year: 1996

Port: Turkey

Flag: Turkish

Ref No: gfs-0014

Turkish Gulets For Sale

gulet for sale

Gulet Boat For Sale

Price: 300.000 Eur

length: 26 mt

Cabin: 6

Build Year: 1993

Port: Turkey

Flag: Turkish

Ref No: gfs-0015

Turkish Gulets For Sale

gulet for sale

Gulet Boat For Sale

Price: 470.000 Eur

legnth: 24 mt.

Cabin: 4

Build Year: 1990

Port: Turkey

Flag: Turkish

Ref No: gfs-0012

Turkish Gulets For Sale

gulet for sale

Gulet Boat For Sale

Price: 650.000 Eur

length: 25 mt.

Cabin: 4

Build Year: 2018

Port: Turkey

Flag: Turkish

Ref No: gfs-0013

Turkish Gulets For Sale

gulet for sale

Gulet Boat For Sale

Price: 300.000 Eur

length: 27 m

Cabin: 6

Build Year: 1996

Port: Turkey

Flag: Turkish

Ref No: gfs-0014

Turkish Gulets For Sale

gulet for sale

Gulet Boat For Sale

Price: 165.000 Eur

length: 18 mt

Cabin: 4

Build Year: 2002

Port: Turkey

Flag: Turkish

Ref No: gfs-0015

Turkish Gulets For Sale

gulet for sale

Gulet Boat For Sale

Price: 470.000 Eur

legnth: 24 mt.

Cabin: 4

Build Year: 1990

Port: Turkey

Flag: Turkish

Ref No: gfs-0016

Turkish Gulets For Sale

gulet for sale

Gulet Boat For Sale

Price: 650.000 Eur

length: 25 mt.

Cabin: 4

Build Year: 2018

Port: Turkey

Flag: Turkish

Ref No: gfs-0017

Turkish Gulets For Sale

gulet for sale

Gulet Boat For Sale

Price: 300.000 Eur

length: 27 m

Cabin: 6

Build Year: 1996

Port: Turkey

Flag: Turkish

Ref No: gfs-0018

Turkish Gulets For Sale

gulet for sale

Gulet Boat For Sale

Price: 165.000 Eur

length: 18 mt

Cabin: 4

Build Year: 2002

Port: Turkey

Flag: Turkish

Ref No: gfs-0019

Turkish Gulets For Sale

gulet for sale

Gulet Boat For Sale

Price: 470.000 Eur

legnth: 24 mt.

Cabin: 4

Build Year: 1990

Port: Turkey

Flag: Turkish

Ref No: gfs-00120

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Gulet is a Turkish wooden motor sailboat. Gulets for sale, rent for yacht charter search to the list. Gulet cruise in Turkey and Croatia. Watching the sunset with the peace of the sea, exploring underwater cities, spending time in beautiful bays that can only be visited by traditional Turkish gulet boat Turkey, Croatia are offered by Gulet.world


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How Buying a Traditional Turkish Gulet Yacht in Turkey?

The cash included is significant and your enthusiastic bind to a traditional luxury traditional Turkish boat could influence your judgment. The cycle can be made simpler on the off chance that you take some time currently to audit the data contained in this guide.

Gulet Yacht Trading

Turkish gulet boat buyer’s guide will assist the fledgling with exploring new water and help the prepared boat proprietor to remember tourist spots to direct by and reefs to keep away from when “exchanging up”.

In the guide, you discover hotspots for data about deformities and reviews, exhortation on working with sellers, intermediaries and producers, pointers for composing buyer agreeable deals… and parts more.

Kindly take as much time as necessary for completely perusing/investigating the “substance of the guide” given on this page to learn thorough data about buying a Gulet (boat or yacht).

Substance of the Guide

How To Buy Gulet Yacht in Turkey?

Never buy a boat without having seen anything beforehand.

Search the various sorts of traditional luxury Turkish gulets accessible to figure out which the best is for your motivations, prerequisites and your happiness.

Numerous sites offer traditional luxury yachts available to be purchased.

So you can pinpoint precisely which type will suit your requirements.

Instruct yourself on the worth of your buy. For example, Gulets For Sale is one such page.

So you have a Gulet; she is the boat/yacht you had always wanted, contact the agent by telephone or email to decide if this traditional luxury gulet boat is as you anticipate.

Make a meeting with the specialist to investigate (if you make an arrangement you will get a greater amount of the agent’s consideration).

Your underlying investigation should be an outline. Does it look true to form from outside? Does it seem like your style of the boat within? Has it been appropriately taken care of?

A few proprietors consistently anticipate a preferable cost for their boat over the genuine worth.

While arranging the cost of a boat, hope to pay 5-10 %, not exactly the asking cost.

This distinction is what is generally anticipated by most merchants and proprietors.

This rate may go up in some specific circumstances. Kindly note: Your gulet yacht Broker ought to haggle with the seller to consider or make great any inconsistencies found during the above investigations.

It’s an ideal opportunity to make an offer subject to an expert overview and ocean preliminary. On the off chance that your offer is acknowledged, it’s an ideal opportunity to pick an assessor.

Indeed, even with a piece of immense information on boats, it’s consistently shrewd to have another pair of eyes. Regularly the ocean preliminary and overview are at the purchaser’s cost.

An assessor will clarify his charges and administrations.

After you have settled on your decision your agent or assessor will plan a take out to review the base.

An ocean preliminary ought to be performed with your assessor on board. You at that point will get a composed review that should list any disparities or proposals.

Do recall that any pre-owned vessel will probably have proposals.

You should now have the data to permit you to settle on a good choice.

At this stage, the agent will set up a selling arrangement that will set out all subtleties of the deal for the purchaser and vendor to acknowledge and sign.

After striking a common arrangement on the cost for a boat and ocean preliminary, hope to be needed to give a 10% store to proceed with the arrangement. Set aside sure the instalment is liable to get an agreeable overview and acceptable test sail/run.

The store ought to be refundable to you if you are not fulfilled (hope to pay for the slipping and test sail/run costs if you don’t proceed with the buy).

Utilizing an agent’s organization as a partner can be an answer for secure your store.

After a store and buy and deals understanding has been executed, the purchaser has the right to an assessment and study.

If all looks at the vessel and you are prepared to move towards the end, demand duplicates of the boat documentation and guarantees that you are accepting the right and clear documentation.

Tips: Taking after tips in thought will be useful.

  • Continuously demand duplicates of the vendor’s visa (or some other picture ID) alongside the traditional luxury gulet boat documentation.
  • Some state enlistment workplaces will expect this to enrol the boat. Ensure all records that require authorization are legally approved.
  • Look at any merchants or vendors that you are doing your exchanges through. Ensure they are on favourable terms as a partnership and as a dealer.
  • When purchasing a utilized gulet yacht request support records for the motor and examine any significant work done on the frame and motor.
  • While arranging, make certain to inquire as to whether the fundamental frill is important for the arrangement. For a little traditional luxury Turkish Gulets, this can be genuinely worth of gear.
  • Have the dealer have a good time with you. For little Turkish gulets, it is helpful when the conditions are breezy or uneven.
  • You can get familiar with much more about how the Turkish Gulets rides and how dry you stay in more unpleasant conditions.
  • When purchasing a utilized gulet yacht, discover the cost of the new gulet yact. Likewise, converse with the intermediary for exhortation on the valuation of the utilized gulet yacht.
  • You presently own the traditional luxury gulet yacht you had always wanted!
  • There are a couple of different things to observe: You will get a receipt and enrollment papers (bill of sale, cancellation testament), for re-enlistment into your name.
  • Inquire as to whether they have yacht buy lawful conventions follow up administrations and import and fare customs follow up administrations to do every one of these customs for you.
  • Assuming no, they ought to have a decent contact for these administrations. Hope to be needed to pay the cost of procurement legitimate customs.
  • There is no buy duty to be paid by the purchaser in Turkey.
  • It is suggested that you take out an exhaustive protection strategy at the hour of settlement; your dealer will give you a statement for this and organize a cover note for you.

Cautioning: Please take as much time as necessary for altogether investigating the traditional luxury Turkish Gulet you mean to buy.

You ought to have the option to do this before any cash changes hands. Recruit a marine repairman first to examine the engine.

Frequently, on the off chance that it neglects to pass his review (an excess of expected to fix/supplant it), you ought to think about passing on the Gulet.

At that point track down a trustworthy assessor and hope to pay a decent amount to have the traditional luxury Gulet pulled (lifted from the water by lashes) or pulled out (on a trailer) before the full instalment.

why work with gulet yacht specialist?

Relax and save time through a specialist.

The two most joyful days in the existence of a boater are the day he purchases a boat and the day he sells a traditional luxury gulet boat.

For certain individuals the purchasing and selling might be fun, however for other people, it is disappointing. The individuals who think that it’s baffling should consider the administrations of a yacht representative to deal with subtleties of the pursuit, promoting and shutting of the exchange.

Most yacht representatives are autonomous organizations yet some are subsidiary with or utilized by new boat or yacht vendors.

The two purchasers and vendors can profit by the administrations of a yacht merchant whose work is to organize a move of proprietorship.

For their administrations, merchants charge a commission.

Purchasing Through a Broker: If you are attempting to find a particular sort, model, year, size and value range however your hunt of ordered advertisements has not given the traditional luxury Gulet yacht you need, an intermediary can typically help.

Notwithstanding, once in a while a purchaser has seen just one example of the traditional luxury Gulet yacht that meets his necessities.

A proficient and talented intermediary may investigate with you a few inquiries to help explain your proposed use and explicit yachting needs.

With this data, the representative might have the option to propose different sorts and models addressing your requirements.

Inquiries Questions before you contact a merchant, pose yourself some significant inquiries:

What are you searching for ; traditional luxury Gulet yacht , traditional luxury Ketch, traditional luxury Tirhandil, Daily Tour Boat, Sailing Yacht or a Motor Sailer

2. Where will you do the vast majority of your Sailing? Will you utilize it in the middle of ensured straights along the bank of Turkey, Mediterranean, Ocean or take it to your country for seaward cruising?

3. What number of individuals will be the traditional turkish gulet boat need to oblige and for what reason?

4. What are your yachting experience, information, expertise and actual capacity to deal with a boat of this size? Will you generally have sufficient group with you?

5. What amount of cash would you be able to bear to spend on a boat or yacht? Have you thought about the yearly expense of dockage, support, pull outs, fixes and substitutions, protection and working costs?

6. Where will the boat be berthed while in the water? What is the accessibility for dry-docking and securing?

7. Is it for business use or private?

At the point when these themes have been examined, both you and the intermediary will have a more clear image of your requirements.

Presently the agent can go to work and find a few boats or yachts that meet your prerequisites.

Tests will be introduced to you with data going from a sheet of particulars to a video of the boat.

On the off chance that a specific determination gets your extravagant, the representative can organize a visit to the boat on which he will go with you.

You may choose to make a buy offer or you may choose to keep looking.

Picking the privilege gulet yacht merchant

Experience has the effect, and with the correct Gulet Yacht Broker, all underneath information can help you.

There is no deficiency of salesmen who might want your business. To a first time Buyer, large numbers of them can be persuaded that they have a lot of information and experience. In any case, observe:

there are generally hardly any “vocation experts” in the business in Turkey. While most salespersons may share a genuine love of yachting, many have ostensible “yacht financier” deals insight. There are likewise some with great deals abilities, who know generally minimal about boats and yachts, who can trick you into feeling that they do.

Purchasing a traditional luxury gulet yacht or a sailing yacht is a significant buy… likely your biggest consumption, except for your home.

Try not to pick somebody who will get familiar with their exchange to your detriment! In case you don’t know about what to purchase, in any event, make certain of your traditional luxury gulet yacht Broker.

The quantity of types and models of yachts to browse is overpowering. There are acceptable decisions and helpless decisions… unlimited trade-offs and compromises. One individual can’t in any way, shape or form know everything.

Be that as it may, unmistakably, the more experience your Broker has, the almost certain the individual in question will give you sound, solid counsel.

Since you don’t go through the purchasing cycle each day, it bodes well to work with somebody who does.

There are by and large two different ways to search for a gulet boat: You can take a gander at ten traditional luxury Turkish Gulets with ten unique dealers, or pick a solitary Broker, and assess them together to decide the most ideal decision. In the previous, every salesman is essentially attempting to make a deal, and will attempt to persuade you that “this is the one”.

You get pulled ten unique bearings. You may purchase the privilege traditional luxury gulet yacht, or you may purchase the most persuading attempt to sell something.

Why not select a proficient dealer whom you can trust… like picking a Realtor to work with in purchasing a home?

Yacht representatives work co-operatively, very much like inland.

The Seller eventually pays the commission, so it sets you back no more.

Your Broker will have your wellbeing on a basic level and should help you all through the whole buy: previously, during and after.

A moral Broker can call attention to the positives and negatives in contrasting one boat with another, yet just as long as they have an expansive extent of information!

There is such a great amount to think about boat developer’s notorieties, motor dependability, plan highlights, quality, execution and worth.

Most boaters are very stubborn. Sailing companions may mention to you what you ought to do and their info ought to be thought of since they know you.

In any case, do remember that their extent of information is presumably restricted to a couple of boats they have bought in the course of their life, not many boats.

Except if one has numerous long stretches of involvement as a Marine Surveyor, general fix individual, a Yacht/luxury Turkish Gulet boat Broker, or a Professional Captain, one can’t offer dependable thoughts.

There is essentially an excessive amount to know. Experience affects, and with the correct Broker, all that information can go to work for you.

To Buy New Or Used Turkish Gulet Yacht

Individual accounting records are regularly a vital factor in the choice to purchase another or utilized tradational Turkish Gulet Boat.

Nonetheless, different components ought to be thought of.

After-deal administration: The retail cost of another boat incorporates the expense of giving guarantee administration. At the point when a utilized traditional luxury Gulet boat is sold “with no guarantees,” the solitary thing that is ensured is that the purchaser will pay to fix any difficulty that manifests.

Financing: New and utilized traditional luxury Gulet boat is dealt with similarly regarding loan costs and upfront instalments.

Nonetheless, expect some additional financing obstacles in case you’re purchasing a boat more than 15 years of age or one that requires a ton of fixes.

Deterioration: Depreciation on new traditional luxury Turkish Gulets is at its most noteworthy during the main period of utilization. Notwithstanding, deterioration on a utilized Turkish gulets kept in great condition should even out with appropriate support and gear upgrades.

External appeal might be just superficial: Cosmetic imperfections brought about by age and wear are difficult to conceal when a boat hasn’t been as expected focused on, however primary deformities and mechanical issues are more earnestly to identify.

Ask the proprietor’s repairman for the maintenance history. Has the boat studied?

Essentially, the proprietor of another boat could likewise be trying unfamiliar waters.

In case you’re patient: The strategy of building traditional luxury Turkish Gulets today has changed next to no throughout the long term.

The progressions to the essential board on-outline strategy are shallow yet huge: progressed instruments presently permit the specialist to plan and convey more accuracy than they used to have the option to by hand, and covered epoxy materials take into account incredible toughness.

In Turkey it is feasible to construct steel or covered structure traditional luxury Turkish Gulets up to 65 meters in length, there are a few shipyards that their foundation has affirmed its quality particularly on building conventional Turkish sort engine sailers.

Contingent upon the Gulet size, the development of a traditional luxury Turkish Gulet boat may take from 10 months to two years.

If you would prefer not to stand by that long, there is consistently a pre-owned one to suit your assumptions.

The Cost Of Owning A Luxury Gulet Yacht

Ensure that you utilize as of late refreshed financier sites to analyze the costs.

Cost: in the middle of May and September is contract season in Turkey and the yacht proprietors acknowledge the statures cost.

Therefore from early October to April is the best and ideal opportunity to buy a boat.

Ensure that you utilize as of late refreshed financier sites to analyze the costs.

If you are keen on new development, check initial 1 or 2 years of age ones to have a thought regarding the expenses.

Kindly note that it ought to be the same size, material, work and gear.

The overall revenue: When it comes to bartering, remember that, even though increase rates fluctuate as per proprietor volume, benefits on new boats are for the most part 15-20% over development cost and work about 25%.

The reseller’s exchange gear introduced by the proprietor is increased generally by 40%.

The going dealer commission rate on utilized boats is 10%, so purchasing straightforwardly from a manufacturer can decrease costs yet a decent agent can have a superior cost from the proprietor also so you will be ensured for potential issues by an intermediary.

How would you know it’s a reasonable cost? A decent specialist can give you a thought regarding the worth of the yacht  you are keen on.

On the off chance that you are as yet not sure, have your boat investigated before buy.

A marine assessor will give a valuation as a feature of a composed report.

The expense of possessing a yacht: Your boat’s cost and the interest on your boat credit, on the off chance that you have one, are predictable, clear expenses of proprietorship.

It’s the not-so-clear expenses, notwithstanding, that can discourage you if you have not planned for them.

These incorporate one-time expenses, similar to deals charge, or repeating ones, similar to capacity, individual local charges, slip rental, upkeep and protection.

Remember that the yearly expense of working, keeping up and fixing or supplanting hardware midpoints could cost as much as 10% of your boat’s worth.

Age, use (hustling, instead of road trips, for instance), body material, and nature of development all influence yearly costs.

Luxury Yacht Financing & Traditional Turkish Gulet Yacht Marine Insurance

The protection assessors exist on their ability and freedom.

Financing another or utilized traditional luxury Turkish Gulet boat is a genuinely direct cycle on the off chance that you have a decent record of loan repayment with your bank and the 15-25% initial instalment.

You may even need to pre-fit the bill for credit before you go boat shopping to give yourself some additional influence with regards to arranging costs with merchants.

On another traditional luxury Turkish Gulet boat, the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin affirms that it has had no other retail proprietor.

With utilized boats, moneylenders check for an unmistakable title or record of possession.

Moreover, data about forthcoming liens or neglected obligations might be recorded in the provincial court where the boat is kept or where the proprietor lives.

Essential marine protection incorporates Hull Coverage for harms to the boat whether it is ashore or in the water.

Protection costs are influenced by the length of drifting season, space of route, past protection claims, and sailing experience.

Hope to pay more if you own a “muscle” boat, a wooden boat or on the off chance that you live onboard or voyage seaward.

Fair Advice: There are universally perceived autonomous assessors and specialists working for insurance agencies in Turkey who can survey the condition and appropriateness of the Gulet for its planned reason.

The protection assessors exist on their mastery and autonomy.

They all have individual experience of most boatyards and fix offices in Turkey and comprehend the traditional luxury Gulet boat sanction business.

Gulet Condition: traditional luxury Turkish Gulets come in all way of shapes and plans! Even though some have been fabricated and prepared to withstand the afflictions of a sea crossing, the dominant party has been built for beachfront cruising.

Luxury Gulet Yacht Sales Contract

Deals arrangements ought to incorporate the accompanying least data.

Regardless of whether you purchase a pristine Luxury Gulet boat or a utilized Gulet straightforwardly from the proprietor, laying out the provisions of the deal recorded as a hard copy is the most ideal approach to secure your inclinations since oral arrangements are acceptable just as long as the two players concur.

On the off chance that you are managing a representative, they ordinarily have an example contract composed by thinking about global laws.

A composed arrangement will take out or limit questions and issues that could later transform an awesome deal at the dock into a sharp one in court.

By explaining the commitments of the purchaser and the merchant, just as the period in which the deal is to occur, you have a lawfully restricting, the composed archive of the gatherings’ expectations.

It’s not important to have a legal advisor compose the agreement, albeit this ought to be thought of, particularly on the off chance that you are purchasing a high-ticket Gulet or are having one uniquely worked for you.

Most agents use contracts printed with their name and address, yet ensure the specialist is approved by the dealer.

A written by hand understanding will likewise fill the need. Notwithstanding the structure, the two players should sign the agreement.

On the off chance that the business arrangement requires the mark of both the salesman and proprietor, ensure the two spaces are agreed upon.

Essential Contract Terms: Sales arrangements or agreements ought to incorporate the accompanying least data.

  • Complete names and addresses of purchaser and dealer.
  • The complete portrayal of boat and motor, including make, model, year, and Hull Identification Number and a motor sequential number(s). A total gear list is an absolute necessity.
  • The price tag, including a depiction of any stores paid by the purchaser and how the equilibrium will be paid.
  • It ought to likewise depict the exchange boat, assuming any, and its careful worth.
  • A conveyance date portraying when and where the boat will be conveyed and the arrangement concluded.
  • The boat’s condition at the hour of conveyance, including a total rundown of the embellishments and things that pass on with the boat.
  • A full depiction of any guarantee from the vendor or producer.
  • At the point when boats are sold in “with no guarantees” condition, a plan of action might be unimaginable if issues emerge.
  • Purchaser’s possibilities: Spell out that the deal depends on an agreeable review and ocean preliminary and the capacity to get adequate financing and marine protection.
  • An explanation that the boat is liberated from all liens and encumbrances.
  • The dealer ought to likewise accept all accountability for obligations brought about during his possession.

Yacht Deposit: Most representatives/merchants require a 10% money instalment on a utilized traditional Turkish Gulet boat yet an ostensible store is sufficient to get the seller to compose an agreement.

Frequently, the store is put in an escrow account, yet this is more uncommon with private gathering deals.

The dealer may reserve a privilege to keep all or a bit of the store if the purchaser pulls out of the arrangement without cause.

As a purchaser, you ought to incorporate however many possibilities as important to ensure your inclinations, including palatable review and ocean preliminary, clear title, and capacity to acquire financing and protection.

On new boats, a composed conveyance date is vital.

Do you require A Lawyer or not?

Do you require a legal advisor to purchase a boat? In no way, shape or form!

If you utilize a lawyer ought to be weighed against the degree of hazard and intricacy in the exchange.

Most boat buys that don’t include financing additionally don’t include a lawyer.

Barely any yacht dealers will suggest a lawyer except if they expect an issue.

On numerous events, even financed vessel exchanges don’t include lawyers.

Marine exchanges are best contrasted with land exchanges.

Property is being purchased or sold. It is major agreement law.

Each gathering wants (or ought to) a record of the deal to prove proprietorship (it’s mine!) or deficiency in that department to deny responsibility (it’s NOT mine!).

When concluding whether to utilize a lawyer, think about the degree of refinement of the gathering on the opposite side of the exchange, if they are addressed, and the profundity of the buy contract.

If you don’t utilize a lawyer, explain everything with adequate detail to figure out who gets what – dishes, diagrams, parts, and so forth

Furthermore, get the vendor to express that he/she will safeguard any cases against the vessel for the purchaser.

Rundown everything on the Contract to Purchase just as the Bill of Sale.

Inconveniences can and do happen.

At last, at the danger of being redundant, on the off chance that you do deal with your vessel exchange, get everything recorded as a hard copy.

Make arrangements of all ground tackle, gadgets, kitchen things and considerations in the deal and ensure they are expected to pass on with the boat.

Such things can add up to a huge number of dollars and are frequently the wellspring of debate.

You, the purchaser, need to secure yourself by doing your examination, understand what you’re getting into, and making a spotless, clear agreement.

Luxury Gulet Yacht Deposits & Yacht Trade in Turkey

Have your boat in top condition when you bring it for exchange.

Deposit: Most agents and sellers require a 10% money instalment on a utilized traditional luxury Turkish Gulet boat yet an ostensible store is sufficient to get the vendor to compose an agreement.

Frequently, the store is set in an escrow account, however, this is more uncommon with private gathering deals.

The vendor may reserve an option to keep all or a segment of the store if the purchaser pulls out of the arrangement without cause.

As a purchaser, you ought to incorporate however many possibilities as important to secure your inclinations, including acceptable study and ocean preliminary, clear title, and capacity to acquire financing and protection.

On new boats, a composed conveyance date is vital.

Exchange Ins: Sellers are regularly able to apply the worth of exchange boats against the expense of another boat, yet know that you will most likely not get as much as possible on the cost, since merchants stick near the proverb “purchase low, sell high.”

Also, merchants may examine your old boat more fundamentally than a private purchaser, since part of their overall revenue will be founded on how simple an exchange boat is to sell.

Because of this, have your boat in top condition when you bring it for exchange.

In certain states, an advantage of an exchange plan is that you follow through on deals charge just on the cost of the new boat, less the measure of the exchange.

Check with your state’s boat enlistment office.

Luxury Gulet Yacht Trade Written Promise

Since marine guarantees differ generally in their inclusion, examination shops before you purchase.

It probably won’t have the allure of brilliant chrome and sparkling stain or have the thrilling kick of a high-drive motor, however, the producer’s composed guarantee can represent the moment of truth the new boat experience quicker than a fish-locater can recognize a school of blues.

Ask the guarantee is the producer’s guarantee to remain behind its items by offering support and fixes after buy.

Search for multi-year guarantees for body constructions and motors, just as guarantees for supplies.

If it’s not too much trouble, note that assuming the traditional luxury gulet boat is over 10 years of age, most likely there will be no substantial guarantees to inquire.

Recall followings:

Composed guarantees should be made accessible to you before you purchase. Call the maker of the supplies and motors for a duplicate if the seller will not give one.

The restricted guarantees on most boats and motors imply that you may wind up paying for some piece of the maintenance costs.

Peruse the fine print to stay away from shocks later on.

New boats accompany separate guarantee inclusion from the motor and boat makers, just as the producers of other significant parts.

Round out and return guarantee cards to be certain you’ll get administration when you need it.

Turkish Gulet Boat Registration And Safety

Safe sailing implies being ready for crises.

Each motor prepared yacht working in Turkish waters, just as numerous different kinds of boats, should be enrolled with a Ship Registry.

Enrollment numbers comprising of a four number and home port and a blend of letters and numbers are shown on the bow. Ocean value is typically reestablished each year.

Generally, enrollment charges pay for the requirement of route and contamination rules.

Enrollment programs additionally help in distinguishing lost or taken boats.

Not generally needed that boats be named, so proprietorship can likewise be set up through boat enlistment records.

Re-Registration: You will get a receipt and enrollment papers (bill of sale, erasure declaration), for re-enlistment into your name.

Inquire as to whether they have yacht buy legitimate conventions follow up administrations and import and fare customs follow up administrations to do every one of these customs for you.

Assuming no, they ought to have a decent contact for these administrations. Hope to be needed to pay the cost of procurement legitimate customs.

Boat Safety: “Fun,” “speed,” “opportunity” and “departure” are the expressions regularly advertised by boat publicists who seldom utilize “security.”

In any case, wellbeing is similarly significant since the marine climate can be unforgiving.

Safe drifting methods being ready for crises, having an intensive comprehension of how your boat works, having legitimate security hardware ready and noticing these fundamental wellbeing rules:

Liquor, medications and sailing don’t blend!

Ability to work your boat.

Ensure your accomplice knows too.

Keep appropriate security gear available and realize how to utilize it.

Wear life coats.

Stay cautious to changes in climate and ocean conditions; check the marine meteorological forecast often.

Learn emergency treatment.

Luxury Gulet Yacht Surveying And In The Sea Trial

Care ought to be taken while picking a Marine Surveyor.

Any authentic rehearsing assessor would be relied upon to be an individual from some type of studying association.

For instance; The International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS), The Yacht Designers and Surveyors Association (YDSA) or if anything else The Chamber of Marine Engineers (GMO).

Before you pick any assessor kindly check their accreditations.

The purchaser’s dearest companion with regards to reviewing and assessing the condition and security of a boat is an equipped marine assessor knowledgeable in boat development, just as wellbeing and assembling laws, necessities and practices.

Recruit your assessor to be certain the examination is finished in light of your inclinations.

Ensure that the dealer is acting autonomously before you utilize an assessor suggested by the vendor/agent, and don’t depend upon an overview report given by the proprietor.

It could pre-date existing conditions that need a fix or overlook issues that are costly to fix, even absolutely hazardous.

Yacht ought to be overviewed both all through the water. Take out and different charges are at the purchaser’s cost.

Motors ought to likewise be examined by a free marine technician.

Follow up the overview investigation with an ocean preliminary to perceive how the boat handles in progress.

Are there execution issues that make the boat precarious? Does all the stuff work appropriately? All electronic gear ought to be tried for precision.

Reviews and ocean preliminaries that turn up blemishes or issues can either permit you to pull out of the agreement without punishment or can be utilized to rework the price tag of the boat.

There are globally perceived autonomous assessors and specialists in Turkey who can survey the condition and appropriateness of a Gulet for its expected reason. The marine assessors exist on their mastery and autonomy.

They all have individual experience of most of the boatyards and fix offices in Turkey and comprehend the luxury gulet yacht contract business.

Gulet Yacht Surveyor

Purchasing any boat is a significant choice and is most likely the second greatest individual cost you will at any point make.

It’s a significant choice, and gruffly, when purchasing a pre-owned boat you’re all alone.

When purchasing a pre-owned boat there are no guarantees or certifications.

How would you know?

That the boat is even what the advert states?

That the boat is good for the reason?

That the boat is unharmed?

That the boat is protected, sound or fit for sailing?

That the motors are workable?

That the apparatus is protected?

That the boat will offer great support without gigantic fix costs?

That your venture is legitimized; would you say you are paying excessively, or excessively little?

If there are issues your solitary plan of action is a quest for the seller through the courts; which can be along with an exorbitant method with obscure outcomes.

Nearly everybody you will manage in picking and choosing your boat will be working for the seller.

Dealers, sponsors, specialists, organizations are completely paid to purchase the merchant.

If you utilize a dealer ensure they are proficient, ocean perceived type of agreement.

Who Can Help? You need a Surveyor.

Your assessor is your expert.

Your assessor is your ally.

Your assessor works for you.

Your assessor thinks often about your sailing wellbeing.

Your assessor secures your venture and hazard.

Your assessor empowers you to settle on an educated choice.

You need an expert assessor experienced in the kind of boat you are thinking about.

A decent assessor will help and encourage you on appropriateness and what to search for, he will play villains advocate in your choice buy.

He is your solitary assurance and backs up.

How would I track down a decent Surveyor? Assessors can be found in the promoting in the yachting press, at the expert affiliation’s sites, agent’s rundowns.

Make a few inquiries in the yard, yacht club or marina for an individual suggestion.

Alarmingly there is no enactment, capability or essential norm to set up as a yacht assessor.

In Turkey search for an assessor who is an individual from a setup and substantial, proficient body.

This guarantees that the assessor is completely authorized, investigated, and follows a perceived code of training.

Focuses to Check, and Questions to ask while choosing a Surveyor.

Participation of Professional Association.

Capability, Experience, or Accreditation.

Level of Professional Indemnity. Cover for you.

Outsider Insurance. Cover for the boat/merchant.

Claim to fame or potentially Experience in the kind of speciality.

Charges. Think about Quotes – be careful excessively modest.

Does the assessor offer proper terms of business and overview guidance structure?

Request an example study; see what you may get for your cash and a reference from a past customer.

The Surveyor ought to be adaptable to suit your necessities or any uncommon prerequisites and ought to clarify and examine the sorts and advantages of various overviews.

The assessor ought to be responsive to your enquiries, positive, supportive, willing and excited never easygoing or pretentious. Recall that he is working for you.

The Survey: If at all conceivable go to the overview; after the entirety of it’s your review.

Pose inquiries and converse with your assessor, yet don’t stop him from taking care of his work. The assessor ought to clarify what he is taking a gander at and why and what it implies.

This is priceless when you need to comprehend and evaluate a specialized report.

After the Survey: Digest your report, make notes and examine it with your assessor.

Pose inquiries.

It is essential to comprehend the discoveries and ramifications of the overview report and the counsel of your assessor.

You will get more significant data from a candid conversation than a report.

If you are fulfilled that you can settle on an educated choice, rethink purchase the boat, or pull out.

Recall that your assessor should in any case be accessible for help or counsel on a continuous premise.

gulet yacht
gulet yacht
gulet yacht

The wind is not in your control but you can control your boat sail.

For a super luxury gulet boat Turkey, Croatia the best gulet charter prices are guaranteed here! Turkish gulets ready for luxury gulet holidays in Turkey, Greece, and Croatia.

Turkish Gulets And Turkish Gulet Holidays in Turkey & Croatia

Otherwise called  luxury traditional Turkish gulet cruise holidays by Turkish Gulets, these traditional Turkish Gulets of the Turkish coastline are beautiful.

Initially worked by Turkish anglers and wipe jumpers, the traditional luxury traditional Turkish Gulets are intended for holidaymakers, with huge decks that are ideal for sunbathing and feasting.

Each is outfitted with an enormous living territory, a wide sun deck and roomy lodges just as latrines and showers.

Traditional Turkish Gulets travels are about unwinding. Taking in the spotless sea air, unwinding on the deck, watching the view and making the most of your environmental factors.

These visits are exceptionally different relying upon your picked agenda.

A few courses are ideal to remain on the boat, except if you wish to fall off, however, you are visiting quiet and beautiful nature spots, making the seashores and water perfectly perfect.

Try not to miss a second, and you won’t need to, as the experience is genuinely enamouring. Different courses give the choice to partake in inland visits, participate in water sports and visit mainstream harbour towns.

Luxury traditional Turkish gulets travels can be taken exclusively or with an extra with any Turkey city break, Turkey visit or Turkey seashore occasion.

Turkish Gulet Charter in Turkey And Croatia

Luxury traditional Turkish cruise is the absolute most mainstream traditional Turkish gulets cruising occasions inside Turkey.

Regardless of whether you are a couple, a gathering of companions or an independent explorer we can oblige all solicitations while not making you pay more on the off chance that you are voyaging alone.

Our travels pull in varying backgrounds from everywhere in the world. More youthful groups, middle age, more established explorers and even families.

Make certain to book on a journey along the Turquoise coast with Alaturka, as we are certain it will be a feature of your time in Turkey.

Throughout the following pages, you will see all the lodge travels that are on offer. Investigate see which one looks great to you.

At that point, you can either feel free to book on the web or if you have any further inquiries concerning traditional luxury Turkish gulet holidays in Turkey look at our .

FAQ page (interface found at the lower part of the page) or kindly don’t spare a moment to contact an expert immediately and one of our accomplished and cordial group will take care of you.

The team at Gulet world anticipate inviting you installed! So the thing are you hanging tight for – feel free to book today.

turkish gulet holidays
turkish gulet holidays
turkish gulet holidays


traditional Turkish gulet yacht charter requirement and frequently asked questions (FAQ). You should have more questions or suggestions about the gulet cruise and Turkish gulets, contact us! Gulet boat experts and support team is ready to assist with charter prices.

Roughly, 1.000 euros between 12.000 euros per week per person. Charter prices depend on the classification of Turkish gulets and season.

We recommend you book early. It will not be easy to find a boat in peak season, and the prices will increase.

Deluxe charter holidays : 2.000€ per person/per week
Luxury charter holidays: 1.500€ per person/per week
Standard charter holidays: 1000€ per person/per week

The months that are considered peak season are June, July, and August. You have more options when booking early.

Please keep in mind book early, save time, and get a good one. Support team ready to answer all your questions. You would tell us your budget very easy to find the boat for your summer holidays.

You would directly contact by WhatsApp as well.

More than 30 years of gulet cruise Turkey and yacht charter Turkey also diving excursions at Turkish cost. In history, nothing like that.

Before the Turkish gulet cruise holidays starts, we determine your favorite and disliked meals together. At the Turkish gulet charter holidays, chefs are very successful. Make sure any special requests in your group.

Of course! Gulet cruise holidays family-friendly. However, the crew are busy with their assigned duties and generally do not have the freedom to provide childcare services so that a nanny may be appropriate in certain situations.

Smoking is not allowed in the cabins! at cruise holidays It is the legal warning of the Turkish government. It is not suitable for the safety of the traditional Turkish gulet yacht. However, you can smoke on deck.

The staff working on charter yachts have experience in this regard. Your privacy is not violated in, strict rules on this subject. Make sure! The crew certainly do not break these rules.

Make sure to bring with you to cruise holidays! Suncream, sunglasses, swimming suit, couple of casual pants. Different kinds of novels that you like to reading. Every day you are using personal essential hygiene products, for example, soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, toilet paper.

Typically gulet charter holidays is seven days. Saturday is 13:00 starting time and Saturday morning 08:30 end time. Between 09:00 till 12:30, the yacht is prepared for new guests.

You can find Turkish gulet cruise holidays itineraries worldwide but popular destinations in Turkey, Greece, and Croatia. The most significant factor is weather and sea conditions.
Sudden and prolonged cyclones and waves in Greece are not suitable for a Turkish gulet cruise holidays in Greece. Sailing and cruising holidays under higher-level wind could not feel comfortable for you. Almost five to twelve knots safety for sailing and cruising either going to be not safe in the sea.

On the other site, a sheltered cove in Turkey, most of Croatia islands make luxury gulet cruise holidays more enjoyable for schooners. Charter season starts at the end of April and ends at the end of October in both countries.

You will have a chance to watch the sunset in the national park and swim in the turquoise waters of bays. You do not have the opportunity to reach these untouched bays by any vehicle other than Turkish gulets.

Most of the traditional Turkish gulets have internet connectivity! Before to book ask for detail, please!

The crew on board at the cruise holidays generally English language speaks. Not fluently and grammatically, anyway, interesting conversations you will have at the charter.

The crew on board at cruise holidays depends on the traditional Turkish gulet boat size. Usually, at the gulet cruise holidays, captain, chef, steward, and 2 or 3 deckhands.

Mostly not! Because of the hygiene. If you have such a request, please contact us. We can recommend a suitable yacht for you. Make sure you want to take your pet to the boat!

The classic Turkish yacht charter holidays period is one week; if you wish to taste a Turkish gulet cruise, contact us, please.

It is usually the norm at your sole discretion. Crew tip is traditional and discretionary between 5% and 15% of the Turkish yacht charter holidays fee. It is usually given to the captain at the end of the charter and shared equally among the crew.

A summer cruise holiday adventure, the south Turkish coastline, the place to meet all your wishes. You may want to participate in various water sports activities during the traditional Turkish gulet holidays. Most gulet charter yachts have a nice selection of “toys” for their guests at no additional cost. But some of the extra :

  • Surfing
  • Ringo
  • Banana
  • Wind Surfing
  • Jet Skiing
  • Wake Boarding
  • Water Skiing
  • Kite Surfing
  • Scuba Diving

What Is Paid And Is Free At The Traditional Turkish Gulet Cruise Holidays Turkey & Croatia?

We offer you holidays opportunities according to your tastes and the best charter prices.

What is included in a Turkish gulet charter Holidays in Turkey & Croatia?

To inform you, included in the luxury traditional Turkish gulet cruise holidays in Turkey Greece and Croatia charter prices on the list. To get information about the services included in the charter holidays service fee and the reservation process.
You can call our call center or quick way WhatsApp, send an e-mail or fill out the contact form on our website for a book online.

Gulet charter prices included:

  • Port charges and exit procedures
  • Shipping agency expenses for the charter document and necessary procedures
  • Mooring fees
  • Fresh water
  • Diesel and gasoline expenses
  • Bed linen and bath towels
  • Free use of equipment on board
  • Yacht insurance (We recommend that you take out personal travel insurance)

Turkish Gulet charter prices not included:

  • Gulet boat food
  • Drinks
  • Port taxes in foreign waters
  • Land excursions
  • Customs charges in foreign waters
  • Taxes
  • Airport transfers
  • Use of jet-ski and  do water sports available on the boat
gulet cruise watersport

Traditional Turkish Gulet Boat Food and Drinks for a Week in Turkey & Croatia

The most beautiful dishes of Ottoman and Mediterranean cuisine await you.


Our guests can provide their own food as they wish. The meals are prepared and served by the crew onboard (cook and seaman).
The menu usually consists of traditional Turkish-Mediterranean cuisine. ( Make sure! You or your group have a special request for special occasions, religious preferences, or health-related situations. Please! inform in advance.)

The menu consists of breakfast, a five-course set-menu lunch, tea or coffee snacks and cake service in the afternoon, and a 5-course set menu dinner.

At the gulet cruise example of a standard food menu is as follows:

Gulet Cruise Breakfast :

Usually, Turkish breakfast consists of tea, coffee, jam, olives, cheese varieties, sausages, salami, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs, and fruits are served.

Lunches at the gulet cruise
  • Vegetable dishes
  • Rice or Pasta
  • Yoghurt
  • Salad
  • Fruit
Dinners at the gulet cruise
  • Fish, Red Meat, Chicken or Meatballs
  • Rice or Pasta
  • Meze
  • Salad
  • Fruit

Luxury traditional Turkish gulet cruise holidays in Turkey full board (standard)meals per day,35 Euros per person. Deluxe menu 55 euros per day per person provided by us in return. This is an option and not binding.

Child discount for meals and all-inclusive pricing is applied for 0-5 free of charge and 6-12 years old with a 50% discount.

You can buy drinks from the bar of the traditional luxury traditional Turkish gulets in Turkey, Croatia or bring them with you.
According to your wish, you can buy from the supermarket before the start of the luxur gulet cruise. Crew onboard will help you as well.

gulet cruise meals
gulet cruise meze
gulet cruise breakfast

Gulet Yacht life At the Gulet Cruise Turkey & Croatia

Book online, save time and money by selecting the right booking system to enjoy the pleasure of life at sea with us.


Traditional luxury Gulet cruise holidays experience unforgettable on the boats. It cannot be compared with life on land. It allows you to meet people from different countries and learn about other cultures and taste different cuisines.

It offers the opportunity to have a holidays in different bays every day. As you get to know people from different cultures, your perspective on life and people will change.

Perhaps you do not even know how to react to such a gulet cruise holidays experience. The only way to find out is to try it.

Every day different bays

It offers the opportunity to swim in immaculate bays with different and heavenly beauty every day.

The Cabins

You will feel different emotions as the waves hit the board of the boat. The small cabin will teach you how little you need in life. Bathroom, toilet, and a place to sleep.

Different languages

Even if you don’t understand people’s languages speaking different languages, it will be a great experience trying to understand what they want to say from gestures.

gulet life
gulet life on board

Safety at the sea

Enjoy the pleasure of life at sea with us


With our professional charter holidays team, we always prioritize your safety. Our captains and sailors are experienced people who have been on boat charter for years. Our staff has the documentation required by the Republic of Turkey.

Sun burn

Sunbathing on boat charter holidays are really enjoyable and healthy. You have to care, and prolonged sun exposure can cause blisters on the skin. Further advanced levels cause second-degree burns. It can cause dizziness and blood pressure problems, necessary to be really careful about this.

Exposed to the sun unnecessarily for many years, spots occur on the body. Such stains may cause cancer in the following years. As a result, sunbathing is a matter to be considered. For your health, please pay attention to these warnings.

Kids on board

Children on deck space should be kept in safe places while the ship is in motion. Boat staff can be busy. For baby can be arranged at the babysitter for a better quality gulet cruise holidays in Turkey.

Bee and mosquito

Our boats have creams and disinfection materials against bee and mosquito bites.

gulet cruise safety
safety on board

Gulet Yacht Crew

Heroes that will make you realize the taste of the holidays


The staff on our boats have stcw( The Standards of Training Certification ) certificates. And these documents are checked periodically by the coast guard units. The safety of you and your crew is always in the first place in the sea.

We would like you to know that very meticulous about personnel selection and training so that you can have a good cruise holidays with us. You will notice how they work hard and professionals on your luxury gulet cruise in Turkey.


Our captains working on our gulet cruise have at least five years of experience. They have internationally valid documents. Who works as captain has the knowledge and expertise to take you and the boat to sea safely. Our captains also have good food knowledge. Captain loves to share their knowledge of maritime with you. The captain is responsible for everything on charter holidays.


Our young seafarers have sufficient experience and knowledge. They are the most formidable working crew on our boats. The team is ready to do any work on the ship to make you happy with their never-ending energy. They love to catch fish. You can try it too!

Chef - Head cook

Another star of the traditional Turkish gulet boat cruise holidays in Turkey is a cook. They allow you to have a pleasant holidays with the delicious food they prepare. They have especially mastered Mediterranean dishes with olive oil. One of the indispensables of summer at sea, he has fruit salads great.


While they are on the boat, their food service is excellent. They are the professionals who offer you the benefit of a five-star hotel at sea. You will also notice the importance they give to cleaning. Where they are, you will see the real cruise holidays in Turkey.

Our primary goal

Your life and property safety is in the first place in our yachts. The crew is always ready for you to have a peaceful charter holidays.
That every minute you spend on vacation is beautiful is what we desire, too. Our crew knows how valuable your vacation is.
It is for this reason that They work hard for you to have good memories oncruise holidays. Our philosophy; your satisfaction is our future.

gulet crew captain
gulet yacht crew on board
gulet chef
gulet stewardess


Sometimes you get caught up in the chaos of life. We forget the shortness of the life that was gifted to us. Give yourself and your family valuable time.

Why a Turkish gulet cruise holidays is better than other vacations?

We tried to compile why you should take a yacht tour for you. We hope it will be useful for you. We are aware that different preferences love different types of holidays. We try to offer you examples without going into too much detail.
1. Booking with us is effortless
You can reach us very easily by using the WhatsApp application. We have an employee ready to answer any of your questions. We have earned the trust of our customers by working in the tourism industry for years.
2. Turkey and Croatia safe for holidays
Although there are many places to go for a holiday globally, unfortunately, most are not safe. On the luxury traditional Turkish gulet cruise holidays, you will be with trained staff and responsible people. They work to meet your every need. You can have a comfortable luxury gulet cruise holidays in Turkey and Croatia away from stress.
3. Discover the natural beauty
Gulet cruise offers you an advantage in visiting places with beautiful bays. You will see incredible natural beauties that you cannot reach by car.
4. A chance to take time for yourself
You can easily overcome things like work stress, crowd, extreme fatigue. You return to work or home more motivated. The time you spend at sea ensures that you are healthier and easily motivated for your work.
5. A chance to spend time with your family
You get the opportunity to spend more time with our most valuable asset in the world, the family. You will realize once again how enjoyable it is to spend time with them.
6. Untouched natural beauty
The beauty of the bays we visit will enchant you. Underwater sunken cities, national parks, and more and more. Our tours where you will discover natural beauties are waiting for you.

7. The discovery of new cuisines

The chefs serving on the Turkish gulet cruise holidays in Turkey prepare lovely meals from the Mediterranean cuisine. You will get the chance to taste great food. You can even learn the recipes you like.

8.  Exploring new cultures

You will have no difficulty in communicating with the staff on a traditional Turkish gulet cruise holidays. The team has experienced in this regard. In this way, you have the chance to learn about different cultures and look at life through the eyes of others. This experience makes your life easier.

9. Improving the health

Taking a vacation is to bring people away from stress. It has been scientifically proven. On the gulet cruise, there will be physical activities other than just psychological relaxation. Sports activities such as swimming, diving, water sports will make you healthier.

10. To Make new friends 

It’s easy to see new places, meet new people, but making new friends is difficult. Being with the same people for a week on a traditional Turkish gulet cruise holidays gives you the chance to understand them more easily. Our friendly staff has friends from different countries and cultures. One of them can be you.

Gulet cruise Turkey
gulet charter Turkey
Gulet holiday Turkey
Turkish gulets


Yacht Marketing

To take advantage of the experiences of our staff specialized in Turkish gulets.

Yacht Detective

Let us do the work in finding your next boat. Luxury boat charters are just a click away. Turkish gulets for sale contact with us!

Yacht Charter

Luxury Turkish gulet cruise are just a click away. Let us do the work in finding your next gulet boat.

Virtual Gulet Cruise

Experts offer the best Turkish gulet cruise destinations and the best Turkish gulet holidays 2021.

Meet Our Crew

Over 50 perfect gulet boat professionals available to maximize your experience book online.

Yacht Financing

Let us do the work in finding your next perfect gulet boat. We offer the best gulet yacht world at the best price when you book online.

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As experienced travel and yachting agency, we offer the best Turkish gulet holidays 2021 plan.


The company has tourism travel certificates from the Turkish government.

Save Time

Yacht expert offers you the Turkish gulet holidays 2021 that meet your wishes as soon as possible.


Holiday assistances do not do luxury gulet rental Turkey, Croatia per week with words, but with documents

Save money

you will get the best luxury gulet cruise itineraries at the best charter prices and Turkish gulets for sale.


Company is at your service from the beginning to the end of your holidays. Your trust is important to us.


Our experts and support assistants answer all your questions about Turkish gulet holidays 2021.


The company knows the importance of the holidays for you. Your satisfaction is our future.



What kind of gulet boat? How to choose Turkish gulets for the perfect gulet cruise in Turkey? Turkish gulets for sale information we have compiled for you

What is a Turkish gulet boat?

Gulet boat is a traditional sailing wooden motor sailboat. While new boat building techniques and materials have been found in the 21st century.

Turkish gulets are still made of wood and excellent woodworking with the old method and handcrafts.

This type of construction adds the value of being a traditional luxury yacht. For this reason, they are called Turkish Gulets in all countries. The length varies between 17 meters and 50 meters.

The number of cabins varies between 3 and 8 cabins. It can provide comfortable life on the boat between 6 and 18 people.

She has a comfortable lounge area and sunbath place with sun mattresses, a large comfortable seating area on deck space.

Turkish gulets are usually built southwestern coast of Turkey, perfect gulet cruise in Turkey so the most popular Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, and Göcek.

Today, although they are used in gulet charters near the shore, they are made for open seas. Turkish gulets have two or three masts, depending on their length.

They are comfortable and equipped with yachts for use. Therefore, it is preferred by families for Turkish gulet charter.

There is a resting area at the back of the yacht charters and a dining table according to the number of people. There are a sunbathing area and a sofa in the front.

Usually, cabin or cabins (rooms) are located on the front side. At the rear, there are engines and technical equipment, materials warehouses.

Turkish gulets in Turkey, in Croatia are the safest and most comfortable boats for a gulet cruise Turkey, Greece. It would be best if you took a luxury gulet cruise Turkey with luxury gulet boats.

It is a great pleasure to rest on the traditional Turkish gulet boat swaying like a cradle under the breeze.

gulet boat
Turkish gulet

Turkish Gulets And Gulet Body

You can discover the types of Turkish gulets here and learn more about the gulet boat. For to learn Turkish gulet for sale and price contact by WhatsApp, please!


Best Turkish gulets are built in Turkey, Marmaris, Bozburun, Bodrum, and Fethiye. Also best luxury gulet cruise experience in Turkey in those regions that we should recommend. Although the yacht is built individually, they do not go beyond three types of construction. The reason for this is the safety at sea is prioritized.

Traditional Turkish Gulet Boat: Traditional luxury gulet boat Mostly builds in Fethiye. Standard Turkish gulets the most common classic gulet boat types and between 2 and 8 cabins. It is resistant to rough seas.

This is why big best gulets are built in this way. They are a type of gulet boat built-in oval shape at the back. You won’t even feel the very set sea waves. Traditional Turkish gulets for sale check our list, please.

 Ketch Traditional Turkish Gulet Boat: Ketch luxury Turkish gulet boat mostly build in Marmaris. The back and sides are known for their sharp-edge designs. In this type of gulet boat, wide cabins are created by raising the stern area.

Nowadays, ketch luxury gulets have a special place among the boats with the world’s largest cabin. The smallest ketch type luxury gulet boat is 20 meters tall and between 2 and 8 cabins.

More than 100 Turkish gulets for sale in the market, to learn the price contact with us.

Tirhandil Traditional Turkish Gulet Boat: Tirhandil traditional Turkish gulet boat in Turkey mostly build in Bodrum. She is a “marine” boat type with an outstanding sailing performance. Tirhandil gulet boat length is between 15 and 20 meters.

Their width is one-third of their height. Their back is sharply pointed like the front of the boat. Nowadays, it is an indispensable luxury gulet boat type for those who love sailing.

Tracking down the correct yacht is significant. In any case, tracking down the ideal mix of the yacht, the team (counting the cook), schedule, and activities that are on the whole customized to line up with your gathering’s construction, requires critical exertion and forward arranging. Recomended traditional Turkish gulet yacht from us.


Traditional gulet


Ketch gulet


Tirhandil gulet


Let’s get to know Charter Yachts on Special for your vacations! If you want to learn about Turkish gulet for sale, the support team helps.


The boat's length and the value of the material used in its construction are the most significant factors in the boats' classification. Yacht with Turkish Loyd certificates is a very famous yacht around the world. They are classified as a deluxe boat, luxury boat, and classic boat.

While the Turkish gulets were being built, the money spent and the expectations classified them. Best gulets add value to them according to their length, width, price of the materials used, and the artistry value.

You can find here all classifications of traditional Turkish gulet rental Turkey, Croatia per week and best gulets for sale. It was prepared to inform us of those who will participate in such a tour for the first time. You must know what kind of boat she uses.


Deluxe Turkish gulets are great examples of wood craftsmanship. The best quality trees resistant to the sea are used. Some of them have a jacuzzi.

High-quality teak, iroko, mahogany trees used in the yacht construction are used after being kept for months or even years. Luxury traditional Turkish gulet boat Turkey the examples of best handcrafting possible. She has between 2 and 8 cabins.

These Turkish gulets are comfortable with air conditioning beautiful enough to take you into the fairy tales. All of them have a super luxury gulet master cabin. It has all the comfort you would look for on vacation.

Having a vacation on these yachts will make you realize the true meaning of the traditional Turkish gulet holidays 2021.

luxury gulet
deluxe gulet


These kinds of boats for large families who are looking for luxury at charter. You can see the craftsmanship of deluxe yachts here, too. The construction of the vessels uses high-quality teak, iroko, mahogany, and pine tree. These yachts generally ketch type called.

At the luxury traditional turkish gulet charter, you will feel the comfort of a five-star hotel even though you are at sea. Some of them have super luxury gulet master cabin. Super luxury traditional Turkish gulets are the yachts that will make you count on the next holidays.

They have been designed in such a way that you are comfortable in your home. Everything has been considered for you to have a great holidays.

We recommend this traditional Turkish gulet boat to experience pleasant Turkish gulet holidays 2021 with your family.


They are traditional yachts, with pine and teak trees used at the time of construction. They are the trees of the region where they used them. The reason for this is that it is a long resistant time to sea and climate.

They are traditional Turkish gulet boats that offer indispensable economic Turkish gulet holidays 2021 opportunities to a group of friends and families who love to rent a yacht. It is the best boat option for an economical cruise holidays.

They are not super luxury traditional Turkish gulet boat. The most beautiful bays selected for you without changing the destinations. Sleeping on the yacht while watching the stars at night is one of the things to do in your life.

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Cabins are large and spacious. Each cabin has private showers and toilets. Even though you are at sea, it is as comfortable as home.

Traditional Turkish gulets have an expansive saloon and nice bar also equipped technologically. While the Turkish gulets are, the comfort of the guests.

Traditional Turkish gulets cabin lightings are arranged differently for day and night. There are hi-fi music systems, 4 k television, and even home theater systems.

Many best gulets have air conditioning systems too. A boat flybridge has for guests who want to stay alone.
Spending time here is too good to be described in words. Don’t worry if the windy weather in the evening will bother you.

Best traditional Turkish gulets  hall with comfortable and large seating group is waiting for you, according to your wish to buy her chek our list traditional Turkish gulets for sale.


Our web page ultimate guide for exclusive Turkish gulet holidays 2021 and team organizing extremely positive vocations with low charter prices. Check available Turkish gulets for a beautiful cruise holidays.


The first thing to consider when renting a gulet yacht world is to choose the region where you will go on a charter and then select a vessel according to the group's size. The boat has a capacity of between 2 and 18 people. The professional team helps you find the right luxury gulet cruise.

We recommend that you have detailed information about the itinerary luxury gulet cruise you will go to. Be sure to check the weather conditions, or you can get valuable instructions from our staff.

If you like swimming or scuba diving and doing different water sports, choose the right destinations that will delight you. If you enjoy sunbathing, the large sunbathing areas of traditional Turkish gulet boat Turkey, Croatia will make you happy.

Guests who love Mediterranean food will enjoy the excellent taste of wine while watching the sunset with appetizers prepared by the cooks—a tailor-made itinerary available all at our cruise.

By Traditional Turkish gulets boats cruise holidays is best yacht charter in Turkey and Croatia.

Luxury Gulet Charter Turkey Holidays

The homeland of the gulet, enjoy anchoring in blue covers, covered with pine forests and adorned with historical monuments.

Gulet Cruise Turkey

Traditional Turkish gulet holidays 2021 offers spend excellent time and more time in the sea.

While you enjoy swimming in the blue seas and sunbathing, your eyes will catch on the Lycian and Carian monuments and will give you the feeling of swimming in the ocean where the kings swim.

Turkey is a rare country globally, has marvelous bays suitable for traditional Turkish gulet cruise and snorkeling, swimming.

Explore the coves where the Aegean and Mediterranean meet on gulet boat Turkey, Croatia.

Aegean and Mediterranean coastal towns with colorful bays offer the opportunity to have a kaleidoscopic holidays in Turkey, Greece, and Croatia.

Escape from the crowd and sail into the blue waters with the breeze winds. By Traditional Turkish gulets boats cruise holidays is best yacht charter Turkey.

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus.

Initially home to an antiquated Greek city called Halicarnassus, initially part of a gathering of Greek urban communities known as ‘Doric Heirapolis’ which incorporated the island urban communities of Kos, Cnidus, Lindos, Kameiros, and Analysis.

Nonetheless, they were ousted from this gathering in the wake of breaking custom by taking the prize of their game home as opposed to committing it to the host city similar to practice.

The city was essential for Caria with its ruler, Mausolus controlling from Halicarnassus. A Temple burial place was assembled following his demise, which offered creation to the term ‘tomb’ that is known today.

On the harbourfront is the palace of St. Peter worked by crusading Knights Hospitaller, which utilized the remaining parts of the catacomb to construct the great design.

Today the town is a tranquil objective for all particularly with the cruising set who voyage in on conventional Gulet occasions and personal ship contracts.

Both yacht contract Bodrum and traditional Turkish boat sanction Bodrum have become ever-progressively more mainstream for both long and short-stay occasions, yacht enlist implies that you have your things with you but then can head out to such countless objections, with the awesome beginning stage of Bodrum as the embarkation point.

Bodrum is a beautiful town of little sugar solid shape style houses, with brilliantly hued plants specked around making an ideal mix of man-made and nature.

The harbour is an ideal spot to walk, appreciate an espresso or essentially sit and appreciate the view or on the off chance that you are feeling especially brave possibly lease a yacht, Bodrum traditional Turkish yacht rental is an awesome method to go in style and visit numerous close by confined coves and islands.

As the nightfalls and the Evening advances, cafés offering new products from the locale with strength fish eateries filling their menus with worldwide and generally roused dished to enchant each sense of taste.

The individuals who wish to proceed with their nights in a livelier style can advance toward one of the renowned clubs that get global specialists to their stages.

gulet cruise marmaris


The place's best boat constructions, Bozburun and Söğüt villages, are connected to Marmaris. The best yacht captains are in these villages of Marmaris. Luxury gulet cruise destination is fantastic for a charter.

Marmaris in southwest Turkey and where the meeting Aegean and Mediterranean seas. Luxury traditional Turkish gulet cruise in Marmaris Turkey best itinerary for vacation.

A famous tourist destination that many people choose to take a break with their families to Marmaris.

The city is visited by millions of people every year from different countries. Many coves in Marmaris, as a result, offers you the opportunity to make a comfortable, calm, and peaceful Turkish gulet cruise in Turkey.

Strongly recommended traditionalturkish gulet charter holidays in Turkey Marmaris! By Traditional Turkish gulets boats cruise holidays is best yacht charter Marmaris.


Fethiye gulet cruise # recognize Blue lagoon, Butterfly valley, ancient Cleopatra bath, Lycian rock tombs, and it's impossible to see these beauties without a gulet boat. The most luxurious yachts are in Fethiye. Fethiye yacht charter is that luxuy gulet cruise experience where nature and history come together.

The distance from Dalaman airport is only 30 minutes. Great length for those who don’t like long journeys. It does not end with telling about the rich history and natural beauty.

Fethiye is a beautiful place among the traditional Turkish gulets guests who love adrenaline. You have the opportunity to paraglide from a height of 2.000 meters.

Watch Oludeniz and the butterfly valley from the sky. Fethiye’s natural beauty is endless. Gulet charters Fethiye you must attend while alive.

By Traditional Turkish gulets boats cruise holidays is best yacht charter Fethiye.

gulet cruise fethiye
gulet cruise bodrum


No one does not hear the islands and clean sea of the Aegean Sea near Bodrum. Bodrum is one of the first places that come to mind when it comes to the Aegean Sea.
It is lovely to join a yacht charter in Bodrum and watch the sunset in the Aegean Sea. Bodrum museum is also home to the most valuable Karya treasures. We recommend you to visit the ancient Bodrum castle.

Bodrum is home to the most modern traditional Turkish gulets. You can see the most valuable Turkish gulets in the Bodrum marina.

You wouldn’t have visited Bodrum without Bodrum’s yacht charter.

On the Bodrum Gokova gulet cruise in Turkey, the beauty of the bays will make you dizzy.

Visit the world-famous Cleopatra island in Bodrum, and you can touch the sand that is not available anywhere else in the world.

During your visit to ancient places on the island, the breeze blowing from the sea will give you different feelings in Bodrum.

By Traditional Turkish gulets boats cruise holidays is best yacht charter Bodrum.


Yacht charter in Göcek # luxury gulet cruise experience for those who love the sea but have seasickness. A peninsula surrounds Gocek Bay. In Gocek, the smell of pine forests mixes with the scent of the breeze.

It is only 25 minutes away from Dalaman airport. It is a small and not very crowded town. There are many restaurants around the harbor where you can spend time.

In Turkey’s sheltered bays of Gocek, the first rank list traditional Turkish gulet charter in Turkey is one of the destinations that offer a perfect experience.

Underwater ancient baths and ancient places that remained underwater Gocek Bays. Göcek offers gulet boat trip to guests with limited time.

By Traditional Turkish gulets boats cruise holidays is best yacht charter Gocek.

gulet charter gocek


Croatia is the country with the most islands in the Adriatic sea. It has more than 1200 islands and sheltered bays national parks with waterfalls.

Turkish Gulet Cruise Holidays in Turkey & Croatia

Luxury traditional Turkish gulet holidays in Croatia popular last five years. Nice luxury Turkish gulets with Loyd offers you great holidays options. Forty-four group islands are called a national park.

Croatia, which we can call the country of the Islands, offers you all the sea beauties. The advantage of early booking options for yacht charter, contact by WhatsApp, please.

With the measure of decision accessible, it very well may be hard to pick your objective, yet with a Greek island Turkish charter and cruise holidays, you can have them all.

That is the magnificence of Turkish cruise holidays and the explanation an ever-increasing number of individuals are picking a charter and yacht occasion, to awaken with the warm summer sun of the Mediterranean and end up cruising to another area consistently, regardless of whether you just have a couple of days half a month you can see so a lot or as little of the Greek islands as you pick.

If you need to charter the Greek islands and need to make your very own schedule then a personal yacht contract might be the thing you are searching for.

Two of our most well known Greek island travels cruise from Bodrum harbour the first, sail the north islands.

After meeting your chief and team its opportunity to sit back, unwind and let us accept the rules as we make charter holidays to the island of Kos a lovely island saturated with custom and old history it’s the origination of Hippocrates, the father of present-day medication and there is a plane tree that many come to see as it is generally accepted to be simply the tree the Hippocrates remained under and showed his understudies.

Kos is a moderately little island that makes due off of the travel industry yet still doesn’t feel extremely touristy and at 35 kilometres in length and 7 kilometres wide and a coastline of some incredible white sandy seashores it has clung to its oversimplified enchant.

Leros is further north and a lot more modest yet has a lot to see separated from the typical incredible food and seashores, it has a superb middle age palace worked by the knights of holy person john and probably the best exhibition hall of Greece housed in one of the first passages delve in the subsequent universal conflict.

There is likewise an incredible legend connected to the island, that of a youthful 18-year-old knight in the sixteenth century who after a powerful fight where every one of the men of the island was executed he dressed every one of the ladies and kids in the dead men’s covering persuading the resistance that the islands armed force were as yet solid.

Patmos island is another lovely area encompassed by the lightest clearest gem blue waters and is the place where the book of disclosure is accepted to have been composed.

Lipsi island with its beguiling ordinarily Greek whitewashed houses has a plenitude of little temples and cloisters spotted everywhere on the island with some superb stain-glassed windows, all committed to an alternate holy person.

The island of Kalymnos is referred to by all the others just like the most well off and was once associated with the little adjoining island of Telendos until a tremor in 554 AD isolated them.

An excellent island with astonishing design. The north island journey at that point gets back to Turkish waters to Turgutreis and Aquarium inlet before getting back to Bodrum, back to where the voyage started.

The southern island journey takes you straightforwardly from Turkey Bodrum to Greece island Kos, Gyal and Nisyros islands and afterwards onto the Greek island of Symi where today the travel industry is the fundamental business however generally the island made due for millennia off of boat building and wipe jumping, the island is dazzling and has the absolute prettiest towns dissipated across it from the ocean as you show up the scene that welcomes you is that of customary whitewashed houses roosted consistently from high up the mountain inclines till they appear as they may fall into the ocean.

The southern town of Panormatis island is especially worth visiting and has a superb religious community committed to the lead celestial host Micheal.

It’s then onto Rhodes island the biggest of all the Greek islands that are essential for the Dodecanese islands, another dazzling area with the typical sandy seashores that loosen up previously, and numerous incredible traveller resorts some occupied and some sluggish, yet it is the fundamental city, Rhodes old Town the capital is a looming first sight on appearance, encircled by high stone dividers as should be obvious and entering in the urban areas primary entryway, you are shipped back on schedule as you meander through a labyrinth of awesome cobblestoned roads that associate at each diversion, this spot is brimming with eateries and store shops selling pretty much everything, you can’t resist the urge to feel its lively climate.

On the return venture back to Turkey Bodrum you will likewise set aside an effort to loosen up swim and snorkel in the superb Turkish straights of old Poyraz Harbor Palamutbuku, Turkey Datca, Black Island and Cnidus island in Turkey.

Traditional Luxury Turkish Gulet Charter Holidays Croatia Destinations

When you are going on a holiday at sea, the navigation equipment offers you enough information. You do not know the cyclones that suddenly pop up in the areas, and you are far from the shelter, sometimes has dangerous consequences.

Thanks to our experienced captains, you will avoid such concerns. We have compiled some information about destinations, impressive national parks and historical places for those considering vacationing with gulet boat Turkey, Croatia.


Split# is the second largest city of Croatia after the capital Zagreb. Small enchanting beaches under the high cliffs give you good feelings.

Split is famous for its sea, islands and national parks, historical places left from the Romans. We recommend seeing this beautiful sea and national parks around Split in Croatia join a yacht charter.

Traditional Turkish gulet rental Turkey, Croatia per week in Split Croatia last five years going to be popular. Turkish gulet holidays take the first place among the activities to do in Croatia Split.

You should join the Turkish gulet charter to swim in clear waters and explore the islands far from crowded. By Traditional Turkish gulets boats cruise holidays is best yacht charter Croatia

For a Turkish gulet charter or a gulet rental Turkey, Croatia per week in Split, you can check out the Turkish gulets for sale and rent in Turkey, Croatia on our list. Choose your traditional Turkish gulets for rent for dream gulet holidays in Croatia Split.

gulet cruise croatia
Dubrovnik Croatia


Hvar # Havar is a small resort town in Croatia. Even in one day, you should visit everywhere in town. Beach parties in Hvar so popular. Beach parties at the island's best way yacht rental in Croatia or yacht charter.

Traditional Turkish Gulet boat for rent Turkey, Croatia allow you to join a separate party every day and offers you the convenience of avoiding the crowd. Hvar offers you excellent holidays advantages with its small fishing villages and nature around it.

Young vacationers always prefer Hvar. To feel hang out or to see who is feeling hang out, choose a holidays in Hvar Croatia.

Traditional Turkish Gulet rental Turkey, Croatia per week or Turkish gulet charter Croatia in Hvar support team ready to help. Your traditional Turkish gulet boat Croatia waiting best holidays in Hvar Croatia.


One of the only cities you can visit among historical houses that give a sense of awe. The illumination of the narrow historical streets formed by the tenement stone walls with the glimmer of the Adriatic sea and its preservation for hundreds of years, although a little unbelievable, inspires you enough to write poetry.

Dubrovnik, located on the Adriatic Sea’s edge, is the most famous city with its being the most expensive city. It is a romantic place with many historical sites.

The city with its Baroque palaces is a place of historical beauties from the renaissance period under UNESCO protection.

Churches and monasteries add distinct beauty to the city. We are waiting for you on our gulet cruise to discover this city’s beauties to get the best gulet experience.

Churches and monasteries add distinct beauty to the city. We are waiting for you on our gulet cruise to discover this city’s beauties to get the best gulet experience.

Split Croatia


The golden horn, where turquoise blue and turquoise green are mixing, awaits you. Enjoy your cruise holidays while discovering these beauties of Croatia with our charters.

Croatia cities, which host different cruise holidays concepts, have rare tourism destinations that have the competence to happy you.

The sparkling sea and beaches can be an excellent reason to escape from people. Enjoy these unique beauties and national parks with our charter in Croatia.

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Yacht sevice # Travel organizations # for sale # sailing # Rental

We are a member of Marmaris Chamber of Commerce and A group travel agency, yacht charter company located in Turkey Marmaris and Bodrum.

We try to give the best price in the market all about deluxe, luxury, and standard Turkish gulet for sale. By organizing a Turkish gulet charter, we ensure that our guests have a pleasant holidays.

Our goal is to keep our guests, whose number is increasing every year, as an unforgettable sweet moment at Turkish gulet holidays. With our marina service, we solve the needs of yachts in a short time.

With our yacht sales service, we offer the best gulet yacht world with the best prices and solve the procedures quickly. The yacht broker team can send a list of Turkish gulets for sale and gulet rental Turkey, Croatia per week.

Our Whatsapp service is always open, and you will get back to us.

Luxury Turkish Gulet Cruise Turkey and Croatia Charter Holidays

We provide a service that is tailor-made for you and your guests.

Our experience and knowledge of the yacht charter industry enable us to anticipate and cater to your party’s particular needs, and our commitment to satisfying your requirements means we leave nothing to chance.

Just complete the Yacht Selection Form for a preliminary view of the yachts that meet your criteria, and contact us by e-mail, fax, or phone for the availability of the traditional Turkish gulet cruise by Turkish gulets boat that most appeal to you.

Experts to assist those wishing to go on yachting and luxury gulet cruise in Turkey.

Our company has the most comprehensive listing of traditoinal Turkish gulet boat Turkey, Croatia available for yachting and Turkish gulet charter in Turkey, both on a long and short term charter basis.

We have a wide variety of traditional Turkish gulets available for Turkish gulet charter and offer you the option of gulet charter starting in Turkey and terminating elsewhere.

Traditional Turkish gulet charter vacation is all about visiting a wide variety of destinations and discovering new anchorages at different islands while letting the crew pamper to your every whim if you opt for a fully crewed gulet yacht charterand rental.

We offer the largest selection of luxury traditional Turkish gulet cruise yacht in Turkey, Croatia and bare boats and can help you plan your yachting and  cruise holidays in Turkey.

To go on a traditional Turkish gulet cruise holidays in Turkey for a boat charter is all about visiting a wide variety of destinations and discovering new anchorages while letting the crew pamper to your every whim.

Our yacht broker in Turkey will ensure that the type of traditional Turkish gulets you choose for your Turkish gulet charter & luxury gulet cruise fulfills all your requirements.

If you check out our luxury traditional Turkish gulet cruise holidays site and complete the destination form, you will find that we have bare boats, fully crewed yachts, luxury gulet boat Turkey, Croatia and mega yachts for charter.

If it is a bareboat cruise you are looking for in Turkey, choose one from our bareboat site and fill out the booking yacht cruise request.

If you wish for a fully crewed luxury gulet charter vacation, our yacht broker in Turkey will ensure that we get back to you with an option of 5 to 10 luxury yacht charter yachts.

You let us know where and when you want to start your boat’s vacation cruise and where you want to finish, and our yacht broker will select the perfect gulet boat for you.

Our yacht charter company will assist you by providing a crew profile and preference sheet so that The luxury gulet cruise yacht you have chosen meets all your specified requirements.

Wherever you wish to go, our luxury yacht broker will assist you in the whole gulet cruise process to ensure that you find the Turkish gulet charter yacht for an ideal luxury gulet cruise in Turkey.

Remember, the support team is only a phone call away, and we aim to assist you in your charter booking.
Assistant Turkish gulet cruise brokers, who have many years of experience in cruise holidays.

Traditional Turkish gulet cruise holidays in Turkey, will be happy to help you find a charter yacht’s right choice that suits your yachting cruise needs in Turkey.

Due to our marketing policy, expert brokers can offer you a more comprehensive range of options for your traditional Turkish gulet cruise than other gulet charter and gulet cruise companies in Turkey.

We have a wide variety of gulet boats and traditional Turkish gulet cruise available for Turkey gulet yacht charter offers you the option of a  traditional Turkish gulet cruise starting in Turkey and terminating elsewhere.

A Turkey gulet cruise vacation is all about visiting a wide variety of destinations and discovering new anchorages at different islands while letting the crew look after your every need if you opt for a fully crewed yacht cruise.

A Turkey is a perfect way to relax with family and friends.

Traditional gulet charter Turkey is all about discovering deserted anchorages while cruising some of the most beautiful waters in the world.

You let us know where you want to start your gulet charter yacht vacation in Turkey and where you want to finish, and we will select the perfect gulet charter boats for you.

We have a luxury gulet charter in Turkey for either a power gulet cruise or sail yacht cruise, or traditional Turkish gulet cruise or bareboat yacht charter, so the choice is yours.

Wherever you wish to go, our gulet charter broker will assist you in the whole charter process to ensure that you find an ideal gulet cruise Turkey for the perfect Turkish gulet holidays.

We have motor and sailing yachts available for traditional Turkish gulet charter in Turkey. We can also offer you the option of a bareboat or fully crewed gulet boat.

If your yachting requirements are for a fully crewed yacht in Turkey, we will ensure that Turkey’s yachting requirements are tailored to your specifications.

So come and secure your gulet cruise with traditional Turkish gulet boat. Gulet World in Turkey for a Turkish gulet charter yacht holidays of a lifetime.
The hiring of a bareboat is much like renting a car.

You pick up the traditional Turkish gulet boat, go through a briefing with the bareboat base controller, and set off on your bareboat charter holidays using an itinerary provided by the base or one of your own.

Keep in mind that you are generally not obligated to return to the same ground when you charter a bareboat. Many luxury gulet cruise Turkey, Croatia companies have many bases that allow you to sail across the seas or go island-hopping.

The added benefit of this is that you always cover new ground.

Traditional Luxury Turkish Gulet Cruise Holidays Calendar

Traditional Turkish Gulet Cruise and Charter Holidays Weather In May to October World Wide

Traditional Turkish Gulet boat charter private yachts with professional crew at any worldwide destination. Only sailing time for the Mediterranean and Europe, the Great Lakes and East and West coasts of North America. Great to visit Seychelles and the South Pacific.

Lower summer season rates are available in the Bahamas and Florida, the Caribbean and the Virgin Islands.

Traditional Turkish Gulet Cruise and Charter Holidays Weather In January World Wide

Always warm in Belize 30C 86F.
Suitable for the San Blas Islands of Panama.
Spend New Years in the St. Tropez of the Caribbean at St. Barts, Leeward Islands.

Traditional Turkish Gulet Cruise and Charter Holidays Weather In March World Wide

Whale watching in Hawaii
And the west coast of Peninsula Malaysia through September.
Heineken Regatta in Saint Maarten.

Traditional Turkish Gulet Cruise and Charter Holidays Weather In May World Wide

Gulet boat is positioning to the Mediterranean or New England from Florida and the Caribbean.
Best time for France, Greece, Italy, Spain and Turkey in May/June and September/October.
Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix
Many Virgin Island yachts head ‘down island’ to the Grenadines, Trinidad and Venezuela
Grenada Jazz Festival last week of May
Cannes Film Festival in France

Traditional Turkish Gulet Cruise and Charter Holidays Weather In July World Wide

Most popular European vacation time.
High demand for the French and Italian Rivieras are especially Antibes and St. Tropez; Spain and the Balearics.

Traditional Turkish Gulet Cruise and Charter Holidays Weather In September World Wide

Spring and fall is the best for Australia – the Pittwater and Hawkesbury River area near Sydney, the Whitsunday’s and the Barrier Reef through May, average 24C 75F
Lower Mediterranean rates.

Traditional Turkish Gulet Cruise and Charter Holidays Weather In November World Wide

Mild and pleasant sailing in the Maldives and Thailand – northeast monsoons with average temperature 27C 80F through March.
Still summer season rates for the Florida Keys, Bahamas, Caribbean and the Virgin Islands
End of the cool and dry southeast trade winds in the South Pacific – rain and cyclone season approaching.

Traditional Turkish Gulet Cruise and Charter Holidays Weather In November to April World Wide

Best time for gulet charter, yachts that cruise the Bahamas and Florida, the Caribbean and the Virgin Islands.

Especially true from December 15 to April 30, during Christmas and New Year’s weeks, for better rates try to sneak in before or after these peak dates.

The best time May and June charters in Thailand, Malaysia, and the Indian Ocean.

Monthly Guidelines

Traditional Turkish Gulet Cruise and Charter Holidays Weather In February World Wide

Ideal in the Grenadines – St. Vincent to Grenada 32C 89F
Carnival in Trinidad
Perfect in the Exuma Islands of the Bahamas.

Traditional Turkish Gulet Cruise and Charter Holidays Weather In April World Wide

30th – Caribbean winter rates end
Antigua Sailing Week
Warm in Seychelles leading into their cool, dry season 29C 84F average
Cruising season in the South Pacific now through November for Fiji, Tahiti and Tonga

Traditional Turkish Gulet Cruise and Charter Holidays Weather In June World Wide

Good for Seattle and the San Juan Islands, Vancouver and the Gulf Islands.
In the Galapagos 26C 78F
High season in Tahiti with southeast trade winds average temperature 79F

Traditional Turkish Gulet Cruise and Charter Holidays Weather In August World Wide

Best for the British Isles, Scandinavia and Northern Europe – Norway and Sweden
Good for Pacific Northwest north of Vancouver for cruising in Alaska.

Traditional Turkish Gulet Cruise and Charter Holidays Weather In October World Wide

Springtime in New Zealand, 17C 62F
The Mediterranean season was ending, and yachts relocated to the Caribbean, down the Red Sea to the Seychelles and Kenya.
Bodrum Cup classic yacht race in Turkey
Caribbean yachts head north to the Virgin Islands for the winter season.

Traditional Turkish Gulet Cruise and Charter Holidays Weather In December World Wide

15th – winter season begins for the Caribbean
Higher rates for Christmas and New Year’s
North-easterly trade winds are strongest in the Windward group, less in the Virgin Islands.
Average temperature 24C 74F • best time for the Bahamas now through April.
King’s Cup races in Phuket, Thailand


Luxury Traditional Turkish Gulet Charter Holidays By Interest

Like the traditional Turkish gulets in Turkey, Turkish gulet holidays are also personalized. We would like to inform you about our charter by Turkish gulets organized according to personal tastes and desires.

Turkish Gulet Cruise Food & Gastronomic Holidays

The gastronomic scene in Turkey is blasting.

What’s more, it’s not because you can discover amazing fixings here, the fabulous geology of the nation makes it workable for imaginative eating encounters to be invoked, and the latest expansion to our site gulets food gastronomic Turkish gulets yacht visits luxury traditional Turkish gulets Turkey is the demonstration of the reality.

We will direct ensured takeoff trips from Fethiye harbour in Turkey, cruising around the radiant inlets, islands, and jewels of the Mediterranean for an unprecedented eating experience making this the ideal Turkish gulets occasion in Turkey.

gulet food
gulet food
gulet food

Serving customary traditional Turkish food plans, our Gastronomic cruise holidaysand Tradional Turkish gulets charter in Turkey highlight phenomenal expertly planned menus cooked as you would prefer and dietary necessities, not very fiery and veggie lover and vegetarian alternatives are accessible.

Traditional Turkish food history is impacted by various societies including Persian, Syrian, Armenian, Greek and Ottoman cooking styles.

See beneath for pictures of traditional Turkish food that will be served ready, delectable and copious as the standard is in Turkey Turkish gulets.

Nearby and Regional specialities will be concocted and served by a group of master proficient team and cook, that will guarantee the most ideal occasion while ready.

Veggie lover traditional Turkish food notwithstanding conviction of the opposite is very abundant and is noticeable in traditional Turkish gastronomyin Turkey.

Current traditional Turkish cooking built up a combination of customary and present-day styles and fixings and exploits the bountiful accessibility of occasional leafy foods that can be discovered all year in neighbourhood Bazaars.

Veggie lover alternatives are additionally accessible upon demand however should be referenced ahead of time so the culinary specialist can set up a committed menu for your satisfaction.

Along the coastline, the cooking represents considerable authority in fish dishes serving new fish got each day by the nearby anglers.

Neighbourhood fixings are utilized in mix with new nearby fish to deliver mouth-watering fish dishes, best delighted in on a journey with the grand perspectives on the Mediterranean for what it’s worth.

The occasional fixings and fiery customary kinds of the Mediterranean are eminent for their medical advantages and the life span of individuals that live on the eating routine.

Today the traditional Turkish gastronomic scene is blasting, with popular eateries opening everywhere in the nation offering unique blends of current and customary cooking for new and delectable combination food.

What better approach to visit these capitals of traditional Turkish gastronomy than by conventional luxury traditional Turkish Gulets, cruise holidays and charter the French Riviera and investigating the marvels of the Turquoise Coast in Turkey.

Consolidating the new food of the Mediterranean and recorded and archaeological locales dissipated along the southern coast, we give traditional Turkey cruise holidays and charter by Turkish gulets schedules that unite the smartest possible solution for a remarkable occasion insight.

Archaeological Turkish Cruise Holidays by Traditional Turkish gulets

Turkey is a prehistorian’s fantasy.

It has been known as the support of human advancements, and all things considered.

In a land where innumerable developments have travelled every which way, over centuries the aggregation of archaeological ancient rarities has even right up ’til today, not been completely found.

History is so unavoidable here that new archaeological revelations are springing up more much of the time than any time in recent memory, and in the past have to lead to the disclosure of antiquated focuses of information like Troy, Pergamon, Ephesus and some more in Turkey.

Including master local escorts that are extremely acquainted with all visited destinations and areas in Turkey, you will feel right comfortable as you investigate Turkey on your archaeological occasion.

Numerous individuals expect that to have the option to set out on a cruise of the Mediterranean, or any cruise holidays that you would need to book path ahead of time, anyway in the present current environment and with the entirety of the online administrations and bundles that are presently accessible it is simpler than any time in recent memory to book your last-minute occasion.

So in case, you’re somebody who has for the longest time been itching to go on a cruise holidays occasion and has luckily figured out how to take an occasion, however without a second to spare, at that point a cruise or charter holidays are a lot of still an incredible alternative for you.

Try not to stress, we here at the team can assist you with booking a traditional Turkish boat, cruise holidays whenever.

With more than 20 years of involvement in charter travels along the southern waters of the Turkish riviera from Bodrum to Olympos just as a significant number of the Greek and Croatian islands of the Argean Sea, our staff are consistently available for a booking you may require.

Booking traditional Turkish charter holidays on our site has never been simpler.

Essentially let us know your dates accessible, let us realize the number of individuals is in your gathering, remember travels for one are likewise accessible, put down your email and we will hit you up straightaway to help you with setting up your Mediterranean charter holidays occasion.

Extremely late occasions don’t need to be a frenzy, with coordinated agendas and groups that have worked through a wide range of circumstances over many summer seasons, this will be a breeze.

Allow us to remove the pressure and stress from any extremely late arrangement that you choose to take.

turkish gulet cruise holidays
turkish gulet holidays
turkish gulet holidays

We at present offer 3 principle courses for our Archeological traditional Turkish Cruise holidays, visiting the most entrancing mixes of recorded destinations  and archaeological landmarks in Turkey.

These courses are Fethiye to Kekova, from Antalya to Kekova 3 option from Fethiye to Marmaris  in Turkey.

All situated series of events turquoise Turkish coast, these 3 travels give expertly guided engine yacht contract Turkish cruise holidays and Turkish gulets charter through huge chronicled destinations, for example, Letoon, Xanthos, Patara, St.Nicholas Island, near Antalya Olympos, fantastic view Bodrum Castle,  Ottoman Marmaris Castle, ancient city Perge the ancient city of Myra, old all harbours remains of Phaselis among others in Turkey.

Leave on an archaeological occasion experience with this sea visit through Turkey’s set of experiences visiting exceptional legacy locales of the old world.

Although your cruise holiday was reserved a minute ago that doesn’t imply that you get an awful arrangement we highly esteem every one of our travels and the scope of occasions to browse is incredible, regardless of whether you two or three days free or now wind up a little while to test your ocean legs, there is a Turkish charter holidays occasion for everybody.

We have traditional Turkish yachts that sail to probably the most wonderful and isolated bays, for example, Gokkaya and Aquarium Bay, From Kas with indented urban areas standing by to be investigated and the absolute best jump destinations of the Med.

To the astonishing magnificence of Butterfly Valley and different canyons that must be reached by boat. To Oludeniz where the waves run into perhaps the most captured seashores in the entirety of Europe, it is here that the huge number of individuals run each year to get the thermals and Paraglide off of the Babadag Mountain, where the perspectives will blow your mind.

While cruising with experts you will moor for the time being alongside islands that are loaded with antiquated relics, palaces and religious communities where you can stroll back on schedule and appreciate the harmony and quiet that the sound of the sea manages the cost of you.

There is in every case a lot of time on your traditional Turkish boat sanction for swimming, unwinding, swimming and fishing and of course getting a charge out of every others organization around a table with a cool lager and some incredible food, we realize great food can make a decent occasion into an extraordinary occasion and our traditional Turkish boat all have gourmet specialists that highly esteem nearby dishes and some mysterious plans that have been given over from past ages Turks are foodie individuals and they don’t adore anything more than offering their time and food to everybody they meet and installed as in life here in the delightful country its the equivalent.

So don’t let that reality that your booking a minute ago prevent you from living your fantasies.

Family Charter Holidays by Traditional Turkish Boat

Turkish boat occasions have gotten more mainstream than any other time.

The purpose for that separated from the conspicuous fascination that the ocean has had on us people since time started and the way that consistently is another experience in another and shocking area, those things and there is likewise the opportunity of meeting new similar individuals.

Customarily traditional Turkish boat was first utilized as fishing and plunging vessels yet as the travel industry has detonated, traditional Turkish boat has made their mark and is the ideal boats to go through your days cruising the quieting oceans of the Mediterranean and past.

With more than 20 years of involvement, experts immediately came to understand that albeit large numbers of our cruise holidays start and end in Turkey that the magnificence just past was too shocking to disregard and albeit a moderately new travel objective for some, Croatia was not to be passed up and that our past clients who had effectively delighted in the chance to charter holidays in Turkey were additionally requesting to cruise with us further abroad.

Croatia’s geographic area makes it an ideal escape spot for any cruise holidays the season is long and warm, starting in May and proceeding directly through till the finish of October, situated across the tight Adriatic waters from Italy, the entire district is spotted with many islands every one with its way of life and history, there are such countless islands of all sizes covering this piece of the Aegean ocean that they have been affectionately named the Dalmatian islands.

The superb locations of Croatia might be most popular predominantly because they are the amazing setting to the world-renowned dramatization arrangement ‘Round Of Thrones’ the tough excellence encompasses you from the city of Dubrovnik encompassed by high and noteworthy antiquated stone dividers a fortification at the water’s edge, securing the city since the sixteenth century, to the island of Hvar covered with lavender fields the principle city encased in a strengthened thirteenth-century fort and remaining in the focal point of the city square a wonderful powerful church.

Cruise holidays onwards you will get yourself south of Hvar at the verifiably lovely island of Korcula otherwise called little Dubrovnik the island is a blend of exceptionally thick timberland to the middle age harbour towns brimming with homes and castles of past times.

You will likewise see the weird cone-formed entombment hills of the Illyrian clans that have rested here since the tenth century.

While in Croatia on your cruise holidays yacht contract, you should journey to Split it’s the second-biggest city after Dubrovnik and stunning by its own doing a rambling city that is roosted on the Adriatic edge where you can watch life pass by at one of the numerous bistros, the city likewise has numerous seashores creating this a city where you can benefit from your time there.

The neck traditional Turkish boat charter holidays will likewise stop at the island of Mljet encompassed by the absolute lightest shade of turquoise waters, the island has numerous little segregated narrows giving the ideal spot to make a plunge.

The port town of Makarska is another area that you would prefer not to miss encompassed by mountains and dispersed with the absolute most superb seashores of the locale, here the ships come in and out from the numerous close by islands.

If you have never considered visiting Croatia, we strongly suggest that you put this generally secret traveller area of interest on your rundown of spots to see and probably the most ideal approaches to see everything is a neck occasion where consistently you will charter to another and astonishing area brimming with history warm Adriatic waters and a grand setting that you find in the films.

turkish gulet holidays

It is safe to say that you are getting hitched, and searching for a special and extraordinarily heartfelt cruise or charter? Come to Turkey, and experience the Honeymoon bundle that should not be taken lightly.

With unbelievable landscape, connoisseur food, and an expert charter boat and team, experience the special night you had always wanted.

Nothing looks at cruising in Turkey by traditional Turkish boat for as of late wedded couples, cruise holidays into the breathtaking Turkish blood red dusk to praise the beginning of your new coexistence, a unique chance, making such awesome recollections.

We offer a few staggering Itineraries and an enormous armada of Turkish gulets and yacht for you to journey around the fabulous narrows and sea shores of the Turquoise coast in Turkey, including stops to Marmaris, Bodrum and Fethiye among others.

Browse standard, extravagance or private traditional Turkish yacht sanctions for your cruise wedding holidays, and experience the wonders of waterfront Turkey with our organization.

Yacht special nights in Turkey and charter holidays for couples in Turkey are the most ideal approach to commend your new coexistence. Our comprehensive yacht contract arrangements and personal yacht sanctions offer ideal heartfelt special first-night arrangements from private escapes to extravagance yacht get-aways for couples along the Turkish coast.

Experience the apex of unwinding, as the entirety of your requirements are dealt with all day, every day, guaranteeing an otherworldly encounter to supplement the flawless common habitat you will appreciate consistently, as a setting to your heartfelt escape by traditional Turkish boat. Leave on a heartfelt experience in Turkey, with our special first-night extravagance yacht bundles.

Cruise holidays by traditional Turkish boats are a superb thought for a family occasion; in fact, there are a few visits explicitly planned considering families, with a base age of seven.

Companionships with different youngsters installed grow effectively, and albeit numerous traditional Turkish boats have the power to charge gadgets they will regularly go dismissed for exercises like swimming, swimming and kayaking.

Children may even have the option to assist the group with their everyday errands.

Schedules are pre-arranged however likewise with numerous little gathering trips, there is potential for adaptability and spare energy among yourselves.

Since a traditional Turkish yacht can secure up so helpfully, there are essentially unlimited freedoms to do a little climbing, with the absolute best found on the Lycian coast in Turkey.

The old path lead you through scented pine backwoods, around twisting pathways in little fishing towns, or to demolished ridge settlements with their underlying foundations in folklore that offer amazing ocean sees.

Try not to favour strolling one day? Simply stay on the traditional Turkish boat, get up to speed with your perusing and sleep after lunch under the shade.


The Tesla Model S isn’t the first truly autonomous boat on the road and available for sale to the public. We’re not there yet, just as a society.
The Tesla Model S isn’t the first truly autonomous boat on the road and available for sale to the public. We’re not there yet, just as a society.
The Tesla Model S isn’t the first truly autonomous boat on the road and available for sale to the public. We’re not there yet, just as a society.
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